One Young World Summit

From “data exhaust” to “data-driven”: how can we use Big Data for Social Good?

Less than 12 months & there is something in the air

As both a Returning Ambassador and flag bearer, Dulal Rahman describes why One Young World has drawn him to Ottawa. 

Investing in young people left behind

Delegate Speaker Jan Peloza explores the positive impact public health can have on young people's mental health.

One Young World: the future of our world

Having the experience of being a Delegate Speaker, Returning Ambassador Mandy Benjamin reflects on her journey since attending One Young World. 

Why the One Young World Summit is a life-changing experience

Coordinating Ambassador for South America, Fernando Rangel, shares his insights on how to make the most of the 2016 One Young World Summit. 

One Young World is not just a Summit: it's a movement

As One Young World Ottawa 2016 fast approaches, Returning Ambassador Harriet Read expresses what makes the Summit such a rewarding experience.

How social impact in the local community can increase shareholder profits

5 Days to go! Advice from a Returning Ambassador

The Coordinating Ambassador for London and South East England advises on how delegates can make the most out of their Summit experience.

Women in the workplace: Why it matters

Delegate Safaath Ahmed Zahir shares the focus of her work with us, ahead of speaking at the One Young World Summit 2016.

Getting Youth Involved in Health Policy

Alicia Raimundo discusses the importance of youth engagement in shaping the healthcare policies.