One Young World Summit

The importance of representing refugees at international events like One Young World

With 65 million refugees around the world, seeing the Refugee Nation represented at global events is a feat to be acknowledged. 

These Millennials are taking action for Colombia

One Young World - the Odyssey

Boy was I wrong about One Young World

After realising One Young World is no typical 'youth Summit', Abdou Sarr reflects on what he considers a life-changing experience.

Nigerians, let's have a tax pep talk

As the Nigerian economy has dipped into a recession, Mary-Jean Nleya talks about the country's predicament and the need for tax reform.

One Young World has done it again: I am re-energised, inspired & empowered

After attending her second One Young World Summit, Coordinating Ambassador Florence Masetla maps her journey from Bangkok to Ottawa.

5 things you can do when it comes to mental health

After her speech in the Mental Health Plenary Session, Alicia Raimundo shares how you can get involved in breaking the stigma around mental health.

Get inspired by the power of words

At One Young World, the stories you hear not only propel social change, but create hope.

Young generations have the power & influence to change the world

Connecting the dots to create value