Re-taking the Internet, ISIS's recruitment haven

Jonathan Russell writes on how leaders can respond to the threat of terrorism in the digital age.

Malta's firsts in LGBTI rights

Malta became the first European country to ban conversion therapy on LGBTI people. Mina Tolu writes on Malta's progress for LGBTI rights.

Protests in Cameroon bring human rights into question

As protests in Cameroon have taken a violent turn, Tangwa Acha shares what is happening on the ground. 

Standing Rock: a global environmental movement led by indigenous youth

After months of protest, the Dakota Access Pipeline permit has been denied, and indigenous youth are largely to thank. Anna Hohag assesses whether or not the battle for protec...read more

It's now time for The Gambia to build a new country

After 22 years, The Gambia has witnessed the election of a new president. Yassin Choye shares her thoughts. 

The Paris Agreement: What is at stake for the USA?

Founder Kate Robertson discusses what the USA could gain from the biggest global compact in human history. 

Why don't enough people exercise their right to vote?

Founder Kate Robertson reflects on the US election results: To get what you want, you have to take part. 


...read more

The world is watching: we need inclusive conversations

How does Colombia move forward after the plebiscite? Felipe González Andersen sheds light on the road to peace. 

One Young World - the Odyssey

Young people are often frustrated by the political landscape in their respective countries After attending the 2016 Summit in Ottawa, Jordan Stephanou reflects on his experien...read more

Post-Conflict Misery: 25 Years of Internal Displacement in Georgia

Vertigo of displacement. Temporary shelters turned permanent. Constant fear, social, economic, political insecurity. Endless despair. Tamar Lobjanidze writes about t...read more