Social Media and Technology

Investing in young people left behind

Delegate Speaker Jan Peloza explores the positive impact public health can have on young people's mental health.

How Empowering Young Entrepreneurs Amplifies the Pursuit for #BrightFuture

Ambassadors Donte McCrary-McClain and Lauren Wittig discuss how they are driving the SDGs in the corporate environment at Unilever.

A model for humanitarian investment: can it work?

Pierre Heistein recounts an innovative financial initiative discussed at the inaugural World Humanitarian Summit.

What can you expect of Ottawa as this year's Host City?

One Young World Ambassador Katie Dolan extends Canadian hospitality and tells us what to expect from the city at this year's Summit.

Apple vs. FBI: Where security for societies and security for individuals are at odds

Ikuyo Sakai analyses the importance of our data and its increasingly contested security issues.

A better world online and offline

Ambassador Ikuyo Sakai analyses the triumphs and perils of cyber security

Global public goods, post-scarcity and technology

"COP21 should be a platform for world leaders to not just focus on reducing emissions but to reflect on our global economy as a whole."

Fighting corruption through Collective Action

Delegate Speaker, Sabrina Vetter, on solutions to corruption

Digital solutions for the refugee crisis

Alex addresses the refugee crisis & its responses


Despite hurdles, Arab women are creating their own opportunities