Thought leadership

Diversity is the answer to high performance

Managing Director for Thomson Reuters Africa, Sneha Shah, on how diversity fosters innovation, flexibility and better long-term profitability. 

The problem with inequality

In the aftermath of the 2017 World Economic Forum, Nicola Ruane tackles the question, why is inequality still such a problem?

What African Americans have to say about Black History Month

Reporting from Venezuela: a Q&A with Carlos Vargas

With Venezuela embroiled in crisis, Ambassador Carlos Vargas provides an inside view on what is developing in the country. 

"It’s time to rise up," says Vincentian poet activist

Ambassador, teacher and poet Dillon Ollivierre shares a poem on activism and facilitating change.

This Ambassador could be heading to the Moon

Why We Can No Longer Afford To Overlook Women’s Rights In Africa Too

In the African context, being male comes with a reluctance to compromise for female-related causes. Ambassador Leroy Mwasaru comments.

A Q&A with the Founder of Congolese human rights movement #Sassoufit

Andréa Ngombet is fighting for human rights and political change in Congo-Brazzaville.

Brexit: Exploring responsive and responsible leadership

Charlie Oliver explores Brexit through a lens of responsive and responsible leadership.

The moral obligation to promote financial inclusion