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Bringing the world to Dublin

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The Impact of One Young World

This Summit will offer you an experience you won't find anywhere else.

Fleeing for freedom

North Korean defector and One Young World delegate Yeonmi Park speaks out about the horrors of the Kim regime.

Two essentials for every entrepreneur

One Young World Ambassador Jeff Jensen draws on his experience as an entrepreneur and shares the keys to his success.

Making loans work for students, not the other way around

StudentFunder makes obtaining funding for postgraduate study easier.

Re-inventing the Peace Process

One Young World Ambassador Alex Polkey insists we need to create safe spaces in order to tackle conflict in society.

Why raising money for Ebola is an issue we must address now

One Young World Returning Ambassador Jennifer Kamara calls for immediate international action against Ebola.

Time to Level the Playing Field

Stuart Mason describes the challenges of being a gay man in a modern European Metropolitan city.

Creating Collisions: 17 tips to maximise your networking at One Young World

Chipsafer: upgrading agriculture

You can positively impact the lives of many people in an innovative way by taking technologies or practices from one industry and applying them to another.