Thought leadership

Unlocking knowledge to achieve global food security

How technology can allow farmers to share knowledge and exchange practices whilst helping to feed a growing population.

Sustaining global forestry

Deforestation is one of the many catalysts affecting climate change. Education is a key element in controlling the growing problem.

The risk of extinction exists

As the threat of climate change increases, young people are educating and taking action to save their countries.

5 tips for first time delegates

Advice to help this year's delegates make the most of their One Young World Summit 2014 experience.

Tackling food poverty in Ireland

Ambassador Iseult Ward introduces FoodCloud, a social enterprise that has redistributed 80 tonnes of food. 

Innovating Dublin

The One Young World Summit 2014 host city is swiftly becoming one of the most technologically important in Europe.

There’s something about Mary

From supporting LGBT rights to fighting for climate justice, Mary Robinson has never been afraid to demand change.

Inheriting Scotland

Will young Scots seek independence?

A Knowledge Network That Unites Young Leaders

MUNPlanet shares the values of the UN and One Young World (here’s how you can be a part of it..)

Climate change: challenges & opportunities for SIDS

It falls to our generation to find the solutions