Thought leadership

Sorry to Bother You, We're Changing Brazil

Brazilian Ambassador, Gabriel Klintowitz on the meaning of the protests in Brazil. more

Our Generation Has Never Had Such A Prominent Role

Brazilian Ambassador, Thais Guedes Alcoforado De Moraes on the reasoning behind the protests and the current situation in Brazil. more

The Power Of Hope

Confirmed delegate from Canada, Alicia Raimundo on tackling mental health issues with the power of hope. more

Take The Test, Take Control

Ambassadors: Nina Benedicte Kouassi (Ivory Coast) & Toimimou Ibrahim (Comoros) on the importance of HIV testing. more

Think Globally, Act Locally

South African Ambassador, Lesley Masibi on what it means for him to have taken part in the first episode of the Kofi Annan Dialogues: LIVE. more

Beyond Politics: Iran's Next President

Iranian Ambassador, Layla Karimi-Asl on the Iranian Presidential Election. more

I Beg Your Pardon Prime Minister

Turkish Ambassador, Dogukan Kucuksahin writes about the the Turkish Protests including the views and experiences of Turkish Ambassadors: Nagehan Beypazar, Rasih Onur Suzen, more

The Cultural Retrospective Of An Idealist

Swazi Ambassador, Noni Hlophe on her heritage and experience taking over the One Young World Twitter account in honour of World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue more

The Beauty Of Cultural Diversity

Nigerian Ambassador, Ajarat Bada tells us why cultural diversity is important to her. more

10 Year Old Daniel Ryan Has Never Been To School, And Probably Never Will

Australian Ambassador, Dan Ryan tells us why cultural diversity is important to him. more