Thought leadership

The Four Pillars Of Exchange Market Growth

A Global Neighbourhood

Protect Our Future: Diabetes and Climate Change

Gen Y Can Influence Change in Leadership and Governance

Políglota, the first face-to-face social language-learning network in the world.

The First To Take The Stage

Ambassador from Nigeria, Camara Mohamed on his experience speaking at this year’s Summit in Johannesburg, South Africa. more

Top Tips For Starting Your Own Business

Ambassador James Eder on starting a new business in the United Kingdom. more

Next Generation Business

Ambassador from the United Kingdom, Alan Mak on the Special Session with Sir Richard Branson and the B Team at this year's Summit in Johannesburg, more

The Lampedusa tragedy - why Eritreans risk everything

On 3 October 2013, a boat carrying an estimated 500 migrants, many of them Eritreans under the age of 40, capsized less than one kilometer from the island of& more

Young Entrepreneurs Drive Solution To Youth Unemployment Crisis

UK Ambassador Charlie Oliver on the Youth Unemployment Plenary Session at this year's Summit in Johannesburg, South Africa. more