Fabian Jacott , Suriname

Fabian founded CodeForSu to increase the awareness and prominence of coding in Suriname. A computer scientist and developer by trade, Fabian is passionate about coding and the skills that it teaches, including creative thinking and problem solving. Many people in Suriname have a limited understanding of coding, and so CodeForSu works to make coding more accessible to young people. CodeForSu has reached 30,000 students to date.

CodeForSu trains computer science majors at university to lead their own coding workshops. These university students then go to high schools across Suriname to pass on their skills. Fabian has also educated 200 school teachers to become trainers. Workshops are attended by children as young as 6 right through to high school and university students, with different classes for different skill levels. CodeForSu strives to make coding fun by teaching it a more playful way, equipping students with skills that are increasingly in demand in the workplace.

Following the One Young World 2017 Bogotá Summit, Fabian was inspired to step outside of his comfort zone of coding and to start something new. He is working on a programme to give motivational talks to high school dropouts, encouraging young people to work through difficulties to find their own passion and pursue it.