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12,000 Ambassadors around the globe are supported year-round by the One Young World Community Team.

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Spark regional collaboration

We create local communities in every corner of the world to promote impact and action. With the support of Coordinating Ambassadors, we ensure our community of young leaders are always connected.

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Drive impact

We facilitate connections and opportunities in our Community to promote action.

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Track Ambassador impact

We document progress on our Community's work year-round.

26 million people have been impacted by Ambassador-led initiatives since 2010.

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Curate exclusive opportunities

We identify programmes that accelerate the growth of our Ambassadors and enhance their leadership.

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Organise in-person & virtual events

We curate events hosted at prestigious venues, in partnership with respected organisations, and virtually to encourage global participation.

It's important for Ambassadors to meet up in casual environments, so we also host informal meetups and socials.

Since 2019:

7,100+ attendees

180+ events

80+ cities

50+ partners

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Elevate Ambassador profiles

We nominate & secure Ambassadors for globally-recognised awards, opportunities to address prestigious forums, and media engagements.

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Mentorship & learning

We connect Ambassadors with senior leaders and peer mentors to scale their work.

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Community Partners 2019-2020

The Community Team is supported by a selection of Partner organisations that share the value of promoting young leaders. Together with One Young World, they offer a variety of opportunities to the Ambassador network all year round.

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Get in touch: [email protected]

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