One Young World strives to identify the most impactful young leaders from every country in the world. Scholarships provide the opportunity for exceptional young people to attend on the merit of their proven leadership and ability to create change in their home country.


Many of our scholars are changing the world starting at the grassroots, sent to attend the Summit by organisations who want to support young people making waves. Some are top performing professionals, sent by forward thinking managers who see the need for talent development. While others are paving the way politically in their countries, and are sent to the Summit by governments who see the value in empowering young people.


We only develop and support young leaders who can demonstrate a proactive commitment to build a positive impact on their communities. But we believe the world needs leaders from every background. We are not just inclusive, we proactively welcome diversity - across every country and every sector. This means we look for people who are doing the best they can within their individual circumstances, to improve the lives of others, no matter their field of interest or expertise.


Our scholarship programme means that the best and brightest young leaders from around the world are able to attend our Summit entirely free, from beginning to end including travel, catering and accomodation, regardless of their financial circumstances. 


Who we work with:

Since I won a scholarship to the One Young World Summit, my life has changed. Not only did this opportunity motivate me to continue working on building peace in my country, I also grew as a leader and now have friends all around the world.

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Scholarship FAQs

I am a One Young World Ambassador. Can I still apply to attend via a scholarship?

Yes you can. Our scholarship places are open to all, though please note that priority will be given to first-time Summit attendees (not OYW Ambassadors). This is because One Young World is committed to ensuring that the opportunity to attend the Summit is available to as many people as possible, regardless of their ability to pay.

You can also attend the One Young World Summit as an Independent Delegate by paying the Returning Ambassador fee of £1,820 (no accommodation included) or £2,880 (accommodation included).

I wasn't selected for a scholarship. What do I do now?

We're sorry to hear that you were not selected for a scholarship. Please do not be discouraged; we regularly add new scholarships to our scholarships page so please apply for any other scholarships you would like to be considered for. If you are ultimately not selected for a scholarship, you could consider attending the Summit independently - by paying your own Independent Delegate Fee of £3,150 (no accommodation included) or £4,210 (accommodation included)

Application tips

Use English

Unless excplicitly stated on the application form, most scholarhip applications must be submitted in English. Please bear this in mind when writing your application.

Be relevant

Carefully read through the selection criteria to make sure that you are eligible for the opportunity. It is much better to submit one great application, than waste time applying for 20 that you are not suitable for!

Share your work

Illustrate your work to us by adding in useful resources which help us clarify and validate your work. Include links to any articles, videos or online documentation. We want to see your work in action.

Read, re-read and re-read again

Please check through your application before you submit it. Is it easy to read? Does it clearly communicate everything that you wanted to tell us? Before you submit your application, consider asking a friend, family member or colleague to check for any mistakes and to give you some feedback.

Don't be discouraged

If you’re having second thoughts about applying, don’t be discouraged. If you don’t apply, you will never know if you would have earned a place. If you do and are unsuccessful, there are plenty of opportunities throughout the year ranging from amazing events organised by the Ambassador Community to the opportunities page, and more. Do try!

Nominating Supporters


One Young World works with a wide network of partners and supporters to ensure that the brightest young leaders from around the world are able to participate in the annual Summit. We would like to thank our network of Nominating Supporters for making active nominations of high-calibre individuals who would be deserving of a place to attend the One Young World Summit for our Scholarship opportunities.