Our Values

Together we are One Young World — empowering and supporting one another to lead with vision, compassion and integrity, to leave a positive lasting legacy for generations to come.

Flagbearers at the OYW Summit 2023

A global vision

We aspire to nurture compassionate leaders, equipped for a globalised world. And we know that brilliant leaders with the solutions to global challenges, can emerge from anywhere in the world.

We affirm that great leadership is not confined to any single tradition or belief system, and has many effective cultural models.


Our Global Leadership Charter is our framework for responsible, effective leadership. Our goal is for One Young World Staff, our Global Community and our supporters to strive towards embodying these principles in their leadership.


We humbly acknowledge that, while we might at times all fall short of these principles, we are fully committed to rising to the highest standards set by our Leadership Charter, and to always encourage those who we work with to do the same.



The One Young World Leadership Charter

Drawing on deep-rooted wisdom from across the world, this Charter stands as a testament to our belief that humanity shares values that resonate across cultures, and transcend political barriers, and drive our desire to build a fair and sustainable world, for the benefit of all. 

We are all interconnected, and we all belong - “I am because we are.” Your wellbeing is connected to my wellbeing, and our actions affect the wellbeing of our communities. That’s why we act with kindness, inclusivity and collaboration, as encapsulated by the Southern African philosophy ubuntu.

We are stewards of our land, community and future generations. Taking the Hawaiian concept of kuleana to our hearts, we take our responsibility seriously by making informed, compassionate decisions, being respectful, and finding strength in our community.

We believe integrity means aligning our words, thoughts and actions. The Hindu principle satya grounds us in truthfulness and authenticity, and reminds us to be mindful of the many different truths held by others. Through our transparency and sincerity we build trust.

Meaning goodness and excellence, the Islamic principle of ihsan encourages us to elevate our actions, seeking the very best and most beautiful way of doing things. We’re willing to go the extra mile, to pay attention to details, and persevere until we master our skills.

We have the conviction and courage to be bold, make tough decisions, and face up to criticism. A virtue of Christian theology, fortitude reminds us we are strong enough to keep going, do the right thing, and get things done - no matter how many obstacles are in our way.

The Chinese and Taoist precept, Qian, keeps us grounded. Encouraging us to maintain a modest, balanced and realistic self-view, by rising above our ego and embracing simplicity. We are committed to leadership free from arrogance, excessive self-importance or greed.

We look beyond immediate and short-term gain to consider the long-term impact our actions might have on the environment, society and culture. Drawing on wisdom from Native American, and many Indigenous cultures, we aim to keep seven future generations in mind.