Future Summits

One Young World is thrilled to announce the Candidate Cities to host the One Young World Summits in 2015 and 2016.

Each of these world cities are vibrant, cultural and youth-oriented cities who are working hard to host the One Young World Summit. A One Young World Host City must be forward thinking
in its approach to young people and international in its outlook. We want to bring our delegates – young leaders from over 190 countries – to vibrant world-class cities with the history and atmosphere that will help to inspire delegates to enact positive change when they return home

One Young World Co-Founder, Kate Robertson’s message for the bidding cities:

“All of the Candidate Cities are international, diverse and youth-driven cities with world-class convention facilities. Hosting a One Young World Summit is a unique opportunity for a city to engage with leaders from every country in the world and we are looking forward to seeing what kind of welcome the cities will offer One Young World delegates and Counsellors. ”

If you would like to be involved in one of the bids or feel you are able to offer help to one of the cities, please contact the Host City Bid Director, Ella Robertson [email protected].

To find out more about why cities want to host One Young World, click here.

Message from Bangkok:

Bangkok the capital of the Kingdom of Thailand, is a living synergy of contrasts and diversity. Proud of its history and traditions, the city is a model of progress, becoming a global and regional hub of commerce, communication, tourism and international cooperation. A place where the world’s great religions live together in harmony, the city thrives on diversity, welcoming travelers, investors and expatriates from all corners of the world. An historic city which looks to the future, Bangkok is ready to welcome One Young World and inspire younger generations of leaders, and to move forward with them towards a new world, a new and better world of shared knowledge and ideas, passions and experiences. 

M.R. Sukhumbhand Paribatra

Governor of Bangkok

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Message from Hong Kong:

 It is a great honour for Hong Kong to be shortlisted as a host destination for the One Young World Summit. It is an event that will ultimately inspire young leaders from around the world for personal growth – a truly exciting opportunity to be involved in. Hong Kong is a compact city well suited to host and motivate the young leaders, with a famous ‘can do’ attitude, unique ‘east-meets-west’ culture and history, state-of-the-art infrastructure and a proven track record for hosting world class events.

Kenneth Wong, General Manager, MICE & Cruise Division at The Hong Kong Tourism Board

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Photo Source from Hong Kong Tourism Board

Message from Kobe:

We are thrilled to be Japan’s candidate city for the bid to host the 2016 One Young World Summit. Arigatou, arigatou, arigatou

Kobe is an ancient port, one of Japan’s first cities to open to international trade, a compact city beneath a steep mountain and facing the Pacific Ocean. We are also a perfect representation of ultra-modern Japan. As a UNESCO Design-City, Kobe’s modernity is obvious in our dramatic and extraordinary architecture and infrastructure. Our ancient name translates to mean ‘doorway for the gods’ and we can offer the One Young World leaders a welcome to the best of both old and new Japan. For example, in under 25 thrilling minutes riding the bullet train (in either direction) they can experience the magnificent feudal castle of Himeji or the tranquil Zen gardens and shrines of Kyoto. Just beyond the summit of our mountain range, Kobe includes an ancient town of geothermal hot-springs and traditional ways for relaxing, including banquets of Kobe beef and Kobe’s famous local sake.

But in addition to providing an authentic full-Japan experience outside the meeting program, Kobe is a youthful, energetic and innovative city with leadership-standing in several international and regional fields including fashion design, natural disaster recovery, new medical discoveries and super-computing. The people of Kobe will embrace the Summit’s young leaders and show them where our own creativity and inspirations burn.

As I write these words our cherry blossom season is just beginning, a beautifully symbolic start to a story that I pray will close with One Young World being held in Japan amidst the burning colors of our autumn maples. So, with youthful spirits and hearts, we look towards a Summit of blazing young minds of many nationalities sharing dreams and ideas as one under the summit of Kobe’s blazing mountains.

I wish to close with the most uplifting Japanese words to express a phrase like “Let’s make it happen”. These are: “Gambarou, Gambarou, Gambarou ”. 

Kizo Hisamoto Mayor of Kobe

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Message from Ottawa:

As a G8 capital and home to several post-secondary institutions (including the world’s largest bilingual university), Ottawa already attracts a steady current of exceptional young people from around the world. Our hospitality industry is accustomed to extending the VIP treatment to diplomats and global industry leaders – and the One Young World participants would receive the same. Delegates would benefit from exposure to great thinkers but also be surrounded by a vibrant and active community – from active outdoor adventures to an innovative dining scene and from the latest in high-tech innovation to diverse live music venues. Ottawa will offer One Young World delegates a perfect environment in which to explore their potential.

Mayor Jim Watson City of Ottawa

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