Annual Impact Report 2022

Message from the Founders

Last year, thousands of One Young World Ambassadors drove real, tangible impact in their communities, cities and countries, continuing their important work leading positive change around the world.


We took the One Young World Summit to Manchester, UK, with 2,162 Delegates attending in person and online. The Summit was accompanied by four Hives in New York, Johannesburg, São Paulo, and Okayama that ran parallel to the main event and engaged more cities around the world than ever before.


Our post-Summit programme, the Action Accelerator, went global for the first time in 2022 following the success of the European pilot in 2021. Over 400 Ambassadors have listened to, and learned from, recognised experts...

The One Young World Ambassadors featured in this Impact Report have made an outstanding impact already, and will continue to do so as the scope and scale of their initiatives expand. The projects featured in this report alone have directly impacted 5.77 million people and generate, on average, $16 of social return for every $1 invested into their work. Since 2018, Ambassadors featured in our Impact Reports have been responsible for mitigating 1.21 million tonnes of carbon emissions. They are leading the positive change their generation must be responsible for, and in this report you can read some of their remarkable stories.


Across 190+ countries, One Young World Ambassadors are creating a fair and sustainable future for all. We would like to thank everyone - our amazing staff, our Partners and every organisation engaged in this mission - who played their part in 2022 by inspiring our young leaders, building their skills, funding and elevating their work.


2022: A Year in Statistics

41 . 56 M

people directly impacted by Ambassador projects featured in Annual Impact Reports since 2010

5 . 77 M

people directly impacted by Ambassador projects featured in the 2022 Annual Impact Report

1 . 21 M

tonnes of CO2 mitigated by Ambassador-led projects featured in our Impact Reports since 2018

$ 975 K

distributed to young leaders working towards the SDGs in 2022

8 ,500+

people attended 70 Community events in 2022

Ambassador Spotlights

The 2022 report includes 70+ stories and case studies to highlight the substantial impact being created by young leaders in the Community.

Samir Lakhani

Eco-Soap Bank

2.3 billion people lack basic hygiene services, including soap and water at home, across the world. Samir founded Eco-Soap Bank in 2014 to address this challenge by leveraging waste materials to create new bars of soap, which are distributed to children and refugees along with hygiene education.


Winning One Young World's Lead2030 challenge, sponsored by Reckitt, allowed Eco-Soap bank to increase their output of recycled soap by 300%, and the organisation reached 1.6 million people in 2022 alone.

To learn about other young leaders and their social impact initiatives