Our mission is to inspire young leaders to drive societal change, take action and tackle some of the most pressing issues the world faces today. 

The global community of One Young World Ambassadors is developing solutions to the world's biggest challenges as outlined by the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals. 

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SDG1 - No Poverty

Florence Masetla Foundation

“Solar Lamps For Rural South African Children - Made From School Bags”

The Florence Masetla Foundation champions the use of technology and education to help eradicate poverty in South Africa. It provides school bags with inbuilt solar powered lamps that enable children to walk home in the dark and study at night.  

Nehemiah Life

100 homes for Ebola orphans
700 school places for Sierra Leone children
35,000 farmers given entrepreneurial skills

During Sierra Leone’s Ebola crisis, Lifeline Nehemiah Projects provided 13,000 people with supplies, built an Ebola Clinic which treated 270 patients, and found homes for over 100 orphans. It provides education to 700 children and has a programme to teach 35,000 farmers skills for sustainable agricultural businesses.


SDG2 - Zero Hunger

Harvest Craft

$100,000 of food grown by sustainable systems
150 children supported in Haitian orphanages
50 Children

Harvest Craft uses Aquaponics, the symbiotic relationship between fish and plants, to feed communities sustainably. It has taught 25 farmers to produce food worth US$100,000 per year. Over 10,000 litres of water are saved in the process. Systems at two Haitian orphanages feed 150 children and teach agroecology skills. In Tijuana a rooftop aquaponics system supports a breakfast programme for 50 children.

Eat Better Wa'ik / Come Mejor

Nutritional Eating

Eat Better Wa'ik, a non-profit in Guatemala, helps parents in middle-to-low income urban families make knowledgeable decisions about the food their families consume. More than 300 school students in Guatemala and the US have learned about healthier meal options.

Di fhatheni project

Feeding townships using tunnel farms

The Di Fhatheni Project teaches tunnel farming to township people in South Africa. The method uses less water and space than a normal garden. Nine tunnel farms provide fresh produce to three townships, with 1200 young people learning financial skills, nutrition and entrepreneurship. Each tunnel farm has produced $5,000 revenue and the project is self- sustaining.

SDG3 - Good Health & Wellbeing

No Excuse Slovenia

Reducing youth suicide

No Excuse Slovenia reduces the vulnerability of young people in a country known for its high suicide rate. Over 100,000 young people have had lessons to develop critical thinking, opinion forming and self-confidence.


Promoting safe sex

HIV Awareness Programme for Peers Youth (HAPPY) is a youth-led project in Brunei Darussalam that increases HIV awareness, including knowledge on teenage pregnancy & sexually transmitted infections. The programme combines audio-visual and interactive activities to educate young people about safe sex.

The MINDS Foundation

200 women trained as community mental health workers
3,300 people screened for mental health
650 patients treated

The MINDS Foundation has educated 30,000 rural citizens in Gujarat, 3,200 students, and 120 school teachers to reduce the stigma of mental health.

Youth Health Parliament

Making the Healthcare System Work

The Youth Health Parliament brings together 50 passionate young professionals, from backgrounds including multinational corporations, Government, science, healthcare and NGOs, to improve healthcare in the UK.


Access Open Minds

13 mental health centres opened
3,000 young people with depression given help

Alicia Raimundo founded Access Open Minds to reduce the stigma of mental health after telling her story in a book, Red Carnation, which is part of Canada’s national education programme. The NGO trains young people experienced in mental health to provide support to other young people within 72 hours.

SDG4 - Quality Education

Kama Scholars Foundation

Founded in 2013 Kama Scholars Foundation has operated in the Simbu Province of PNG to support rural families, living on $1 a day by providing education, healthcare and drinking water. Over 2000 students have been enrolled in classes, 76 of them have subsequently received scholarships for secondary education and 85% of scholarships were awarded to women, who are often the last choice among children for a family to send to school. In addition KSF provides scholarships for disabled students and supports the only disability school in Simbu Province with computers, giving access to 120 disabled students. KSF introduced computer learning technology to remote village schools of over 500 students - it is the first in the country to teach and graduate students with basic computing literacy.

KSF’s work doesn’t stop with education; the foundation has also been a strong supporter of local health projects. Over 10,300 people have received health care, and 500 had received clean drinking water as a direct result of KSF’s initiatives.

Ibaba, Save the Children Rwandan Children's Book Initiative

500 teachers trained
500,000 Rwandan children given books in their mother tongue

Ibaba is developing reading materials in the local Rwandan language, Kinyarwanda, as studies show children who can master their mother language well learn other languages more easily and succeed better at school. There are now 250 locally produced Kinyarwanda children’s books, with 107 approved by the Rwanda Education Board.

Monkey Tie and HR Labs

100,000 young people given careers coaching

Monkey Tie is an online French career development platform that uses advanced psychometrics and algorithms to help young people reach their professional potential.

The REALLY Neet Project

3 colleges teaching 500 disadvantaged young people

The Really NEET College helps young people, aged 16-24, who have dropped out of the traditional school system, to learn in an environment that suits them. Many a students have no education. Some are homeless, on probation or young parents.

Deloitte France- Tackling Youth Unemployment

26,058 young people connected to 2,800 professionals

Deloitte France was inspired by One Young World content to create a team of ten millennial employees to tackle the 25 per cent youth unemployment rate in France. They created a platform through which Deloitte employees and their client contacts could be connected with young people seeking careers advice.

SDG5 - Gender Equality

sTandTall, Unilver

1 million social media impressions
120 hours of advice given

After being inspired by attending One Young World’s Summit in 2014, Unilever employee Esther Marshall founded her charity sTandTall as an online platform to support to victims of domestic abuse.

End Child Marriage "WHY ME" Advocacy Campaign

1,200 rural women taught entrepreneurial skills

The End Child Marriage "WHY ME" Advocacy Campaign was set up to educate people on the rights of girls to an education, to help girls to stay in school and to train women in creative and entrepreneurship skills.


Education Reach

3,000 girls have child marriages delayed and stay in school

Education Reach was established to eradicate the harmful practice of child marriage in  Uganda by raising awareness, changing behaviour and empowering communities with the necessary knowledge and tools. The programme provides entrepreneurial education and 50 new businesses have been created as a consequence.


SDG6 - Clean Water & Sanitation

Drop of Water

33 wells built
1 billion litresof clean water
25,000 people helped
12,600 students taught water safety

As a student Hermella Woldehana, travelled across Ethiopia and saw first-hand people fighting over unclean water. She set up Drop of Water in 2009 to help people in isolated areas of Ethiopia have access to clean water.


6 schools provided with Biogas renewable energy
US$50,000 fuel costs saved per year

In school in Kenya, Leroy Mwasaru founded GreenPact and designed a Human Waste Bioreactor to support his community by providing clean renewable energy for his school's cooks and tackling the school’s poor sanitation. He aims to provide clean renewable energy and proper sanitation for 4 million Kenyan households.

SDG7 - Affordable & Clean Energy

AFFROwatt Express and Paradigm Shift

200 homes fitted with solar panels
1,820 adolescents mentored to lead change in their communities

Jack Kafwanka leads AFROwatt Express and the Paradigm Shift Foundation in Zambia. AFROwatt’s mission is to accelerate the installation of clean solar energy across Africa. The foundation provides mentoring to young leaders.

Smart Load Solutions

1MW of electrical load managed
10 per cent savings in client electricity costs
10,000kg CO2 emissions saved

mart Load Solutions shifts electricity consumption to time periods when production of electricity is cleanest and cheapest, when there is a lot of solar power in the grid. It installs intelligent control systems into electric heaters and coolers for industrial customers and consumers.

SDG8 - Decent Work & Economic Growth


604 women trained in digital photography
130 female photographers have sold work
10,000 people have viewed the photographs in exhibitions and media

Bonnie Chiu founded Lensational to teach photography to women whose voices are rarely heard, from domestic helpers in Hong Kong to the children of sex workers in Pakistan. Marginalised women and girls from developing countries are able to tell their stories and create images which challenge gender stereotypes.

CSR Kosovo

6 million Euros pledged to projects
500 students with internships
300 young people found employment

Senton Kaçaniku runs CSR Kosovo, which oversees and supports socially responsible corporate projects which benefit the economic development of Kosovo.

SDG9 - Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure

Unilever Manufacturing Plant

771 households provided with electricity from saved energy
330,000 Euros income for corn cob farmers supplying fuel for Biomass boiler

Umar Nawazish Ali and his team at Unilever re-engineered a factory in Pakistan to be 85 per cent clean energy dependent, reducing annual CO2 emissions by 60%, equivalent to 3,560 tones of CO2. Electricity consumption from the national grid has reduced by 25% , enabling energy to be sent back to the national grid.


600 new jobs created
30,000 specimens of cactus grown for ornamental and reforestation  

Rossella Napolano works on Enel Green Power’s sustainable energy construction projects in Mexico, promoting a 'creating shared value' approach to business.


SDG10 - Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure

the #OneTeam - LGBT inclusion in Sport

1,000 athletes given LGBT inclusivity training
30 million traditional media and social media hits for campaign

Ski jumper Eric Mitchell persuaded the Canadian Olympic Committee to make sport more accepting of LGBT athletes. In 2014 the #OneTeam campaign was launched to create LGBTQ safe spaces and stop harassment on the field of play.

Salvage Africa

1,700 students educated in anti-corruption activities

Sasaeinia Paul started Salvage Africa five years ago with the aim of reducing corruption in Africa through leadership. Quarterly focus groups and discussion sessions are held with business, civil society officials, MPs and students to discuss corruption in Africa and what might be done to overcome it. Paul started Salvage Africa five years ago with the aim of reducing corruption in Africa through leadership. Quarterly focus groups and discussion sessions are held with Senior business, civil society officials, MPs, Law University students or professor and Africans in diaspora to discuss the state of corruption in Africa and what might be done to overcome it. Workshops encourage young Africans to find and create employment themselves and teach others to do so and hence reduce their susceptibility to corruption. Salvage Africa has educated 1700 students about anti-corruption activities and many of the attendees return home and mentor younger Africans back in their respective countries. 


100 government officials educated about LGBT rights
19,000 men HIV tested for the first time

Kevin Mendez founded Belize Youth Empowerment for Change (BYEC) to advocate for LGBT rights, women's rights and youth empowerment. He formed the KCAT coalition of NGOs which successfully lobbied the Attorney General to rule that Belize’s Constitution violated human rights by criminalizing male homosexuality.

SDG11 - Sustainable Cities & Communities

1001 Ideas For My Country

3,000 young people taught in societal development
25 social ventures developed

The 1001 Ideas For My Country organization in Venezuela encourages youth participation in civil societal development and teaches them about the UN Sustainability Goals. Twice a month a variety of social and educational activities are held, covering arts, sports, technology and entertainment.


8.7 per cent accuracy in predicting dengue outbreaks, up to 3 months in advance
13 million people given added prediction through technology

Rainier Mallol started Artificial Intelligence in Medical Epidemiology (AIME) with the goal of applying artificial intelligence and mathematical algorithms to predict disease outbreaks. The technology has been deployed in Rio de Janeiro, Singapore, and two different states in Malaysia.

Siemens Factory in Monterray

1,500 factory jobs saved
1,000 employees given annual health checks
50 workers’ children given computer tablets, 40 more given university scholarships

Yavor Nikolov and the young social management team at the Siemens Monterrey Factory in Mexico saved the facility from closure. The factory was losing money; production quality and customer relations were poor, partly because of high staff turnover. The young team turned the factory around by focusing on two critical needs in the local community - health and education.

SDG12 - Responsible Consumption & Production

Paper Green

Treerat founded Paper Green in the 2009 as the first eco-friendly paper provider in Thailand. Paper Green have been certified as using 50% less wood than other paper, has an 85% lower carbon footprint than other freesheet paper manufacturers and has received WWF's Climate Control award. paper Green sells 5,000mts (5,000,000 kgs) of paper each year, which is used to print more than 20,000,000 books.

Paper Green campaigns regularly for the use of environmentally friendly paper. Over 1,000,000 people have been reached by Paper Green’s environmental campaign at book fairs. Paper Green encourages publishers to print a Chlorine-free logo in every book or magazine their customers include Vogue Thailand, Harry Potter Pocketbook, Marie Claire Thailand Magazine, Macmillan Education, McGraw-Hill, and more.  

MK Aromatics Limited, MAX Refinery (P) Limited

In 2014 Aushim created MK Aromatics Limited in Thailand to help address the issue of plastic waste causing landfill and environmental damage. He uses state of the art technology to convert plastic waste into petroleum. Each year 6000 tons of non-recyclable waste plastics is converted to 4 million litres of petroleum, saving 7000 tonnes of greenhouse. His company also educates people in Thailand about environmental issues through workshops, factory visits and awareness campaigns. Over 5000 people have been educated about environmental impact and over 1000,000 trees have been planted. 

SDG13 - Climate Action

I Decide

Teaching child refugees about the environment

Rana Chaker founded “I Decide” to educate disadvantaged young people on various topics including environmentalism and provide skills training. So far she has provided employment skills training to 20 Palestinians in a Lebanese refugee camp and has provided a two-day skills training workshop, plus a series of art workshops to teach children under 10-years-old about the environment and climate change.

Climate Adaptation in Pacific Islands

11km of coastline protected
10 schools given rainwater harvesting systems
10,000 students taught on adapting to climate change

Yolanda Joab jointly leads a Pacific Island Climate Change Adaptation community programme to help people adapt to climate change, and the erosion of their land due to rising sea levels. All these activities are conducted in sympathy with the traditions of the local community and its peoples.

Growin' Money

50 hectares of mangrove plantations created to prevent soil erosion
5,000 farmers made more environmentally conscious
300 fishermen given financial management training

Anoka Abeyrathne founded Growin’ Money, an eco-social enterprise in Sri Lanka, soon after the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami. It educates Sri Lankans in ways to both improve the environment and promote good economic practices.

SDG14 - Life Below Water

Wildife Conservation Myanmar Marine Programme - Shark Conservation

14 Conservation and fisheries officials trained in species preservation
8,000 fishermen educated in sustainable fishing methods

Bonnie initiated the first project conserving sharks and rays in Rakhine State, Myanmar with Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) Myanmar. Sharks and rays are among the most endangered vertebrates. 24% of species are becoming extinct. There is high demand from neighboring countries, such as China, for shark and ray products which can contribute up to 60% of fishermen’s annual income. Facing economic pressures while living in Myanmar's second poorest region, some Burmese fishermen continue to use unsustainable fishing practices or target lucrative endangered species. 10 Coastal conservation officers and 4 officers from the Department of Fisheries have been trained in conservation principles, data collection methods, and sustainable fishing techniques. These empowered locals are now working to educate more than 8000 fishermen in southern Rakhine State. 

SDG15 - Life On Land

Ivory Ella

US$810,914.58 donated to Save the Elephants
15,000 number of elephants protected by money raised

In 2015 Jacob Castaldi co-founded the online clothes retailer Ivory Ella to help save elephants. In 2016 alone 330,000 elephants were killed by African poachers for ivory. Ten per cent of net profits from Ivory Ella are donated to Save the Elephants, and similar charitable organisations.

Wildlife Works

50,000 people in rural Kenya educated about climate change
15,000 trained to work in an environmentally sustainable way
1,000 households replacing traditional fuels with clean energy

Joseph Mwakima works for Wildlife Works at Kenya’s Tsavo Conservation area, a 500,000 acre dryland forest, home to 300 species of birds and 50 species of large mammals. The local people suffer from food insecurity worsened by climate change but Joseph teaches them to protect their forest. Many are illiterate so he uses films, plays, workshops and football matches that include discussions about conservation.

SDG16 - Peace, Justice & Strong Institutions

Citizen's Awakening

42 peacebuilding events around the world
1,000 politicians given booklets of citizen ideas for a better society

Francois Reyes created Citizen's Awakening in January 2015 following the terrorist attack in Paris and the subsequent unrest and violence between secular groups in his home city. Citizen's Awakening is a political think-tank which promotes peaceful dialogue and debate between citizens to foster better understanding and counter violence and divisions within communities.



1 million reached by friendship campaign inside and outside Myanmar

Thinzar Shunlei Yi organised peace rallies in 2013, 2014 and 2016 in Myanmar, scene of the most complex civil war in the world, with over 20 ethnic and communal groups fighting each other. She created the #Myfriend campaign which publishes positive stories about cross-cultural friendships.

The ActiVests / You Rule

5,000 people participating in round table talks
3,000 attending organised civil protests

Ioanna Fotopoulou formed The ActiVests with the vision to reform society and redefine democracy in Greece, following its political and economic turmoil. The ActiVests advocated an online database of all income earned by every Greek, whether a pensioner or the Prime Minister, as an easier way for Greeks to declare and pay taxes. After a year, Greece introduced its first online tax database.

SDG17 - Partnerships for the Goals


150,000 website visits in 18 months
2,000 more tourists attracted to Nepal
US$1,433,480 added in tourist revenues

Following the tragic 2015 Gorkha Earthquake, Prakash Neupane launched the NepalNow initiative to promote his country and support the tourism industry.

GE supports Tewe Hele

50 medical facilities
60,000 patients treated
US $3 million raised

After attending One Young World’s Summit in 2015, Kaleigh Killoran was inspired to work with other GE young professionals to help social business partners in Kenya, including Hewa Tele, a medical oxygen company serving 11 hospitals. The GE team coached Hewa Tele to improve its operations and raise additional investment. Hewa Tele is in talks to export its oxygen supply model to Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda.

Institute of Partnership for Sustainable Development

50 young leaders coached in conflict resolution

Daria Mustafina created the Institute of Partnership for Sustainable Development, which organised a six-day workshop for young thinkers from the Ukraine and neighbouring countries to discuss peace, conflict resolution and humanity’s common goals. Attendees returned home and organised similar events of their own.