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What is the new CSR?

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We, the One Young World Ambassadors, pledge to create employment opportunities for young people.

In previous years there has been significant discussion at One Young World about the balance business must strike between generating profits and doing good. Corporate social responsibility strategies have been criticised for not going far enough and delegates have sought to find ways in which established companies can incorporate elements of social business models into their existing structures.

In turn, businesses have been keen to find ways to make their social efforts more sustainable and adopt practices that are able to continue to deliver positive change during difficult financial times. To this end, the Global Business Session will focus on strategies for companies to develop more socially beneficial business models, which enhance rather than detract from profits. This will include issues of public perception and responsible consumerism.

91% of One Young World Ambassadors believe that businesses that make a profit must provide social benefits

84% think that youth unemployment must be addressed more in their country

93% think multinational and local businesses have a level of responsibility to tackle youth unemployment

53% of One Young World Ambassadors consider themselves to be social entrepreneurs

*statistics taken from the One Young World 2012 Plenary Consultation

Delegate Speakers

Benjamin Dunphy     Australia
Claudia Gwinnutt     UK
Dina Atoyan      Russian
Jon Ratcliffe      South Africa
Junna Hashimoto     Japan
Lucia Quintanilla     Peru

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