Politics, Elections, Opposition Parties & Leaders: A Look at Different Country-Contexts & their Elections


With several critical elections looming, Founder of The Global Communiqué, Ambassador Mary-Jean Nleya, interviews a member of an opposition party in Russia on asylum in the UK.

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Record Snowmelt Flowing into the Owens Valley: An Emergency or an Answered Prayer?


Anna Hohag of the Bishop Paiute Tribe responds to Los Angeles Mayor’s recent Emergency Proclamation for the Owens Valley.

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Turkey is now Erdogan: how the referendum will change my country's future


A One Young World Ambassador anonymously writes about the Turkish referendum result and the dark path ahead.

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The Business Case for Social Intrapreneurship


Ambassador Tim Heard tackles social intrapreneurship, arguing it is a better, more agile, more future-proofed, and more impactful way of running a company. 

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Trouble in Hungary & Central European University: a Q&A with Radka Pudilova


The Hungarian government has just passed legislation that makes it impossible for Central European University to continue operating. Ambassador Radka Pudilova reports from Budapest.

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You’ll Be Working With Robots Sooner Than You Think


Ambassador Kriti Sharma, VP Bots and AI at Sage Group, sheds light on the ubiquitous question, 'Will robots take our jobs?'

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Cameroon’s Internet Shutdown: The Human Factor


The internet shutdown in Cameroon has gone on for months without receiving notable international attention. Ambassador Nina Forgwe reports from inside the country.

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One Young World event puts Bath on the map


Over 70 people joined us on campus for a celebration of One Young World.

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Learner-centered education: providing students with valuable skills


Maria Villela presents learner-centered education as a way to bridge the gap between highly-funded and the less-privileged schools. 

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There are no shortcuts to success


Born in the Balkans during a tumultuous time, Milena Milićević, Founder & CEO of INAT Centre, sheds light on empathy, passion and overcoming challenges.

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Selina Neirok Leem: ‘a small island girl with big dreams’


To celebrate International Women’s Day, the World Bank spoke to Ambassador Selina Leem for her take on the future of her country, Marshall Islands.

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The young leaders bringing a smile to the unhappiest countries on earth


Here's what Ambassadors are doing to make the world's unhappiest countries a better place to live.

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