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Human growth with Fritz Lensch

Fritz Lensch, Breakthrough Facilitator and Founding Fellow of Neonseeds, shares leadership insights gained from a group session with OYW Managing Ambassadors.

#16DaysofActivism - The 10 OYW Ambassadors fighting to eliminate Violence Against Women

Across the world, members of the One Young World Ambassador community are stepping up to tackle the global challenge of Violence Against Women through innovation, activism and… read more


#16DaysofActivism: Support the OYW Ambassador campaign to amend the UK Domestic Abuse Bill

For the last five years, Jemima Lovatt has been advocating to end domestic abuse, holding a firm belief that survivors of domestic violence should not be left solely… read more


"Imagine the wildest things"

Daniel Yates, OYW Ambassador and Vice President at JPMorgan Chase & Co, shares his thoughts on the London Summit.


Time for young people to speak up – and step up – on antimicrobial resistance

To celebrate the 2019 World Antibiotic Awareness Week, Rani and Alessandro share key findings from their AMR themed workshop hosted at the Summit.

A little encouragement can change a child’s life

Every child embodies a wealth of talents, even from the least privileged rural regions. They just need the right guidance to achieve full potential.

The Indian Tamils of Sri Lanka—150 years of slavery, resilience, and hope for a brighter future

OYW Ambassador HL Ananda Piyankara, writes about the difficulties faced by Indian Tamils in Sri Lanka.


There Is No Planet B

2019 Delegate Jordan Richardson of GE recounts her experience at the Summit.