Harnessing the potential of the Future of Work in Ethiopia


The Future of Work creates new job opportunities, but unless measures are taken only a select group will benefit.

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We Can Never End Populism. But Here's How to Send it Back to Its Cave


Populism may be here to stay, but it might be shriking faster than we think.

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Is South Korea's National Security Law Still Relevant?


OYW Ambassador James Paek discusses the future of South Korea's National Security Law

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I'm a progressive Venezuelan American. Disliking Trump doesn't mean I will support Maduro.


As misguided progressive groups here in the U.S. spend their energy taking the Venezuelan embassy and calling for “Hands off Venezuela,” some progressive elected officials are erroneously conflating the wrongdoings of the U.S. in Central America with U.S. support of the Venezuelan opposition.

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BlueHack Against Trafficking

OYW Ambassador hosts 1st hackathon against human trafficking in US


IBM, Pasos Libres Foundation, UNODC, and the Stevens Institute of Technology conduct the first BlueHack Against Human Trafficking in the United States.

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OYW Hong Kong Caucus: why you need to stay connected between Summits


A review by Iki Chan, One Young World Managing Ambassador [Asia], of the hugely successful Hong Kong Caucus hosted by The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups Leadership Institute from 31 March - 1 April.

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The Citizen Mobilization | Simon Bolívar Square


In the same plaza that the young people filled in 2016, a flagship ceremony of the 2017 One Young World summit was held, where we used the flashlights of our cell phones in a very emotional act, and that same act was repeated on monday, March 19 the plaza was filled again with young people with a message: let's enlighten peace (#IluminemosLaPaz).

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Young people schooling ‘old guard’ on climate change


Rising sea levels, drought, wildfires, storms, polluted oceans. The unsavoury shopping list of climate change consequence is endless. And yet, despite multiple extreme weather events and dire warnings from scientists that humans have only until 2040 to radically address climate change, politicians globally have not given it the attention it needs and deserves. The time for inaction is over.

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All for One and One for All: Lessons of Inclusion and Participation for Youth in SDGs


The key is to do what we can with what we have. Regardless of their resources, young people should be seen as equal partners to government, private sector, civil societies, and academician. Yes, young people don’t always have more experience, but they are the potential bridge between sectors. 

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