2022 Action Accelerator: bringing your post-Summit idea to life

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Time: 13:00-14:30 GMT
Date: 13 June 2023

Next session: 13 June 2023 - 13:00 GMT

Its Pitch Day!

The Action Accelerator 22/23 journey comes to an end. Our fantastic Ambassadors of this year's cohort had the chance to be part of an exciting learning journey to accelerate their impact projects and company growth. 


In this final session, we will leave the stage to five of the Ambassadors, who will have the chance to showcase their fantastic work and get direct feedback from a selected jury. 


We invite all Ambassadors to join us for PITCH DAY.

All Sessions

Following the One Young World Summit in Manchester, all our Ambassadors are invited to join the Action Accelerator progamme. It will guide you and help you kick off or scale up your initiatives contributing to one or more SDGs and to keep the Summit spirit alive. Covering a different topic each month - from Vision Setting to Pitching and Storytelling – the Action Accelerator programme aims to prepare you to make your mark.


This year, we are happy to announce that the Action Accelerator is going global, with a live session every month, followed by a regional breakout delving into the topic in more detail.


You will be able to listen to and interact with panels of internationally-recognised expert speakers, who will discuss their journey from idea to impact.


In the regional breakout sessions, you will be equipped with tools and resources for your journey as entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs, engage in inspiring conversations with your peers, sharpen your leadership skills, build your community and so much more.

Convert Fear to Fuel: Building Resilience and Courage

Time: 17:00 GMT


Rupen Desai - Co-founder at TS/28 and CMO at Dole Sunshine Co.

Rupen is the Global CMO at Dole Sunshine, a company that believes everyone should have equal access to good nutrition, delivered in a positive and sustainable manner. He co-founded TS/28 to partner organizations thriving in the conscience economy; is a member of the global creative council at Bayer and a former board member at Female Founders, a not-for-profit dedicated to the pursuit of gender equality in entrepreneurship and leadership.

Dagmar Albers - Intrapreneur and DIversity and Inclusion Lead at Pfizer UK

Dagmar is the Diversity and Inclusion Lead at Pfizer UK and leads in developing and implementing a 5-point strategy to close the Gender Pay Gap. Dagmar is a passionate intrapreneur who speaks about the challenges and solutions Pfizer and other companies faced in closing the gender pay gap as well as how we can harness the collective power of employee resource groups to create an inclusive culture that everyone feels part of.

Problem Discovery and Cultivating an Innovative Mindset

Time: 17:00 GMT


Daianna Karaian, co-founder of Today Do This

Daianna is an award-winning business strategist whose work has taken her from car factories to safari camps and St. James’s Palace. She has spent the past two decades helping organisations embed sustainability and social impact into their core business. She’s driven by a desire to leave the world in better shape than she found it, and to help others do the same.

Robbie Dale, co-founder of Today Do This

Robbie is an award-winning creative director whose career has taken him from Helsinki to Hollywood and the Houses of Parliament. He specialises in the design of engaging experiences that inspire action. He has worked with public bodies, corporations, startups, and social enterprises to help them harness the energy in their communities for growth, and for good.

Vision Setting and Framing the Idea

Time: 10PM GMT



Maya Shoucair, Head of Social Impact at TikTok

Maya is a global community builder and social impact strategist focused on building safe, inclusive and accessible economies. She is the Head of Social Impact at TikTok. She has a unique perspective on the types of cross-industry collaboration and governance models needed for lasting change and sustainable innovation.

Maya Terro, Founder of FoodBlessed

Maya Terro is the Co-founder and Executive Director of FoodBlessed, a pioneering community- based and volunteer-driven non-profit organization that leverages food, volunteerism and social responsibility to fight food insecurity and reduce food waste across Lebanon. By nourishing and uniting communities across Lebanon through the power of food, social responsibility and volunteerism, FoodBlessed aims to create a cultural shift that supports people’s right to food, raises community awareness about food waste; promotes social cohesion and community resilience, encourages responsible consumption and production for a healthier planet, and provides an opportunity for community members to give back.


Time: 5PM (GMT)/ 8PM (GMT+3)/ 12PM (EST)



Zeynep Yalim-Uzun Non Executive Director at MAVI

Zeynep is an industry-leading Non Executive Director and Board Advisor with a track record of driving business transformation. Her focus is to break businesses away from a “sea of sameness”, develop disruptive ideas, establish brand purpose and create loved brands. She is an expert in sustainability marketing, with global markets experience including Unilver spanning geographies from Americas to Europe to Asia.

Rene Lassauzet, Head of Brand Communications at Nestle

Rene became the Consumer Insight Manager for the NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto Global Business Unit (GBU) in Switzerland, where he successfully expanded the impact of the Consumer Insight function within the GBU and across markets, and made a significant contribution to the growth of the business by sitting on the GBU’s Steering Committee to ensure all strategies and initiatives were consumer-centric. 

Time: 10:00 - 11:00 GMT

Anneka Munsch-Razi, Head of Corporate Reputation at AstraZeneca. 

Anneka leads AstraZeneca’s Corporate Brand & Reputation team where her work focuses on building a differentiated and trusted corporate brand and reputation. Prior to joining AstraZeneca, Anneka spent 15 years in consultancy advising businesses, non-profits, governments, and individuals on strategic communications and campaigns, supporting them to tell their story in a way that engages audiences, builds support, and inspires action. She will share her hugely valuable insight to help you take your social impact initiative to the next stage!

Time: 14:00 - 15:00 GMT


Speakers: Rene Lassauzet, Head of Brand & Creative Excellence and the Internal Content Studio (The LEAD) at Nestle USA and Pinar Doglu, Managing Counsel for Customer & Products Americas at bp.

Time: 13:00 - 14:30 GMT


In this final session, we will leave the stage to five of the Ambassadors, who will have the chance to showcase their fantastic work and get direct feedback from a selected jury. 

We invite all Ambassadors to join us for PITCH DAY.

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