Sustainability is a top priority at One Young World, as we are committed to playing our part in delivering on the Paris Agreement as quickly as possible. We empower young leaders to create a fair, sustainable future for all, whilst also seeking to make continuous improvement of our own sustainability processes.

Sustainability Pledge

Reduced Inequalities

As an organisation, we endeavour to ensure our Summit is accessible to all. One Young World is committed to maximising the diversity and inclusiveness of Delegates, Speakers, and Partners.

Integrity and Transparency

We understand the impact of our business activities on the environment and society, and will work with our suppliers and partners to promote socially responsible procurement.


We will strive to develop our Summit through the creation of environmental value. For this purpose, we will address environmental challenges through our business activities and will expand our environmental initiatives based on collaboration with stakeholders.

Good Health and Wellbeing

We respect diverse cultures and values and will contribute to the development of local regions. As One Young World operates globally, we must respect the legacy which is left behind after each Summit.

Sustainable Cities and Communities

In collaboration with our global Community of Delegates, Ambassadors, and Partners, we will develop a sustainable future for society to address social and environmental problems and thus enhance the quality of life throughout the world.

Sustainability at the Summit

One Young World has upheld its ISO20121 event sustainability certification for the past three years. As part of our commitment to this, we implement the following as standard at our annual Summits:

  • Summit venue within walking distance of the majority of other event venues and hotels

  • If car travel is unavoidable, hybrid/electric vehicles and public transport are contracted and recommended

  • Recycled materials are used for exhibitions around the venue and should include no single-use plastic.

  • Furniture is rented/donated and post-Summit should be gifted to charity organisations

  • Onsite waste must be recyclable and attendees encouraged to recycle their own waste during the Summit

  • Any food or drink containers provided are made from recyclable materials with a visible life cycle process

  • Food and beverages are sourced from local suppliers where possible

  • All handouts on site are plastic-free and sustainably sourced, including lanyards and badges made from recyclable card and cotton

  • Reusable drinks bottles supplied to be used at water and refreshment refill stations

  • Delegates encouraged to bring their own reusable drink bottles and hot beverage cups

  • Merchandise from store is zero waste, made from certified organic cotton and printed in a renewable energy-powered factory

  • Venues have Sustainability policies which meet our strict requirements

  • Suppliers sign the One Young World Sustainability pledge, and removed from site if not satisfied

  • Attendees encouraged to report sustainability failings at event, and ideas to make the Summit even more Sustainable via [email protected]

  • Sustainability checklist provided to attendees ahead of the Summit with actions they can take at the Summit and beyond: OYW 2023 - Sustainability Checklist

  • Over the past 10 Summits, Sustainability has featured as a core theme within the agenda

Sustainability in the Community

These statistics, aggregated from the data compiled from Ambassador-led project case studies in our Impact Reports, demonstrate a sample of the impact generated by our Community in alignment with the UN Global Goals agenda.

1 . 21 M

tCO2 emissions mitigated by Ambassador-led projects analysed since 2018

1 . 49 M

trees planted by Ambassador-led projects analysed since 2018

Ambassador Spotlight: Sustainability

One Young World Ambassadors are leading projects in every country of the world, creating substantial social impact across all 17 Sustainable Development Goals. To see more examples of such leaders and initiatives, visit our Impact page here.

Kenley's headshot

Kenley Kenneth, Palau

Kenley is a Pacific Islander environmental activist. He is a Youth Negotiator for the National Climate Change Office of Palau, and he participated in the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) representing them. 

As a Palauan, Kenley’s commitment to environmental activism is motivated by a personal connection due to firsthand experience of the devastating impacts of climate change on his islands, their coral reefs and biodiversity. He aims to be a part of the crucial effort to advocate for secure financial support, and ensure that the world takes urgent action to combat climate change, in order to help his and other small island nations survive. 

Kenley was a member of the 7th Our Ocean Conference Secretariat, where as the Youth Coordinator he was the lead for the youth component of the conference in Palau. There he brought together fifty youth delegates from across the globe to address pressing ocean issues.

Sustainability and Environmental Management -Statement of Policy

One Young World is committed to building a fair, sustainable future for all by reducing its impact on the local environments in which it operates, and the global environment as a whole. We take our duty of care and responsibility to our planet seriously.

We seek to pursue this International Standard Certificate in order to further our organisational objectives on sustainable development principles. In pursuit of our business goals, we will focus specifically on our headline activity, the annual One Young World Summit, taking place in Montréal/Tiohtià:ke in 2024.

Our Summit will cover the following key topics: Indigenous Voices, The Climate & Ecological Crisis, Artificial Intelligence, Health Inequality and Peace. Delivering on the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals, actions arising from the Summit will result in a significant impact.

One Young World complies with all Laws and Regulations concerning the environment as stipulated by our host city and relevant host venues. We inform all our suppliers and contractors of our Sustainability Policy at the outset and monitor their performance to ensure that the goods and services they provide are in line with our objectives.

Year on year, we will continue to improve our activities, learn from our shortcomings and strive to ensure we are setting a standard for the rest of our industry. We also commit to actively raising awareness and encouraging our delegates and partners to work with us to help us achieve our sustainability goals.

The task group assigned to this project has been provided with the information and training necessary to fulfil the requirements of this policy.

It is my responsibility as One Young World’s co-founder and CEO to ensure that this policy is implemented.


Kate Robertson

CEO & Co-Founder, One Young World

Learn more about our sustainability programmes and impact in our annual report