One Young World 2024 Montréal Summit

One Young World 2024 Montréal

The next One Young World Summit will take place in Montréal, Canada, in 2024. Montréal is a vibrant and multicultural city, known for its rich history, culture, and innovation. It is also home to many global organizations, such as the United Nations, UNESCO, and the International Civil Aviation Organization. Montréal is the perfect place to host the One Young World Summit, as it offers a diverse and inspiring environment for young leaders to connect, learn, and collaborate.

Indigenous Youth Day

One Young World will organise an Indigenous Youth Day before the Summit in Montréal in 2024. This event will bring together young Indigenous and First Nation leaders worldwide to share their experiences, learn from each other, and engage with other One Young World Delegates. The Indigenous Youth Day will reflect the cultural diversity and traditions of the host nation and provide a platform for Indigenous and First Nation youth to showcase their cultures and traditions. One Young World will be extending its Global Consultation Process to feature an additional consultation with Indigenous Youth and the Indigenous Council on which issues they wish to see discussed at the One Young World Summit in Montréal and what the Plenary themes.

Our Global Summit

The One Young World Opening Ceremony is the official kick-off of the Summit, where delegates are welcomed by the host city and the One Young World Counsellors, who are influential leaders from various fields. The Opening Ceremony in 2024 will take place at the iconic Bell Centre, the largest ice hockey arena in the world and the home of the Montréal Canadiens of the National Hockey League. It is located in the heart of downtown Montréal and is known for its state-of-the-art production technology making it an ideal place to showcase the talent and diversity of the One Young World community. The Opening Ceremony will feature a spectacular show with live music, performances, speeches, and a flag parade, where delegates will proudly represent their countries and regions. 

The summit will take place at the Palais des Congrès de Montréal. The Palais des Congrès is a carbon-neutral building that implements various initiatives to reduce its environmental footprint, such as responsible sourcing, waste management, and community engagement. The Palais des Congrès is also located in the heart of downtown Montréal, close to many attractions, restaurants, and public transportation options. All the hotels that are part of the One Young World accommodation package are within walking distance from the Palais des congrès, making it highly sustainable and convenient for delegates to travel between venues.

Acknowledgement of traditional lands

We acknowledge that One Young World 2024 will take place within the traditional unceded lands of the Kanien’kehá:ka (Mohawk) peoples, part of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy. There is also a strong historic presence of Anishinaabe peoples in what is now known as the Greater Montréal area. Tio’tia:ke, or Montréal, has also long been, and continues to be, a gathering place for many First Peoples from all directions. We honour and thank the traditional custodians of this land and strive to work for the success of future generations.


"2024 is Montréal’s turn to host the One Young World Summit. Delegates will have the opportunity to discover Montréal, one of the greenest, most diverse, and interesting cities on the planet."

Valerie Plante
Mayor of Montréal

"One Young World is an extraordinarily important and worthwhile organization. It’s a privilege for Canada to host this Summit - as Canada’s Prime Minister, I’m reminded each and every day just how much potential lies in our young people. Not just here in Canada but right around the world. Your generation is politically engaged, educated, innovative, inclusive, and progressive."

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau