Working With Governments

One Young World’s mission is to create a world where leaders with integrity are empowered to build a fair, sustainable future for all.


INSPIRE them to increase their social impact

BUILD their skills and capacity

ELEVATE their profiles locally and globally


Many One Young World Ambassadors are working towards progress with innovative solutions. Many are strengthening democratic governance and peace in their countries, many are transforming lives at grassroots levels.


Our goal, in partnership with governments, multilateral organisations and civil society, is to promote and create visibility for the work of these young catalytic actors driving development results. We believe that this new generation is the most informed, most educated, most connected generation in human history. For this reason, we believe in the importance of supporting the world’s most impactful young leaders to create a better world, with more responsible, more effective leadership.


Our Programmes provide the opportunity for exceptional young people to not only attend our annual One Young World Summit, but also to become part of a global network on the merit of their proven leadership and ability to create change. 


National Prizes

Global Network of First Spouses

Governments have tremendous power to empower and support young people, inspiring them to become the next generation of leaders. Initiated in 2019 in collaboration with the Government of Colombia, One young World believes in the value of partnerships to grow young talent. 


The One Young World National Prizes is a series of public-private partnerships to provide opportunities to young leaders to represent their countries and become part of One Young world, the global community for young leaders. One Young World's mission is to create a world where leaders with integrity are empowered to build a fair, sustainable future for all. 


One Young World will partner and collaborate with Governments from around the world in order to create different National Prizes to identify the best young leaders in their countries that are addressing the biggest challenges of the country, offering local solutions and expertise with social impact. 


U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID)

One Young World is collaborating with USAID to create the USAID YouthLead Programme. USAID and YouthLead are partnering with One Young World to support USAID’s strategic objectives and promote the work of future leaders, connecting people, ideas and resources to tackle critical issues affecting young people around the world. 


One Young World partnered with USAID already in 2022 on its Youth in Development Policy, alongside UNICEF, Restless Development and Generation Unlimited. The USAID Youth in Development policy aims to increase youth's meaningful participation within their communities, schools, organisations, economies, peer groups, and families, enhancing their skills, providing opportunities, and fostering healthy relationships so they may build on their collective leadership.


Global Cities Network

One Young World Summit Manchester 2022

The One Young World Cities Network was created with the intention of inspiring, building skills and elevating the work of outstanding young leaders from cities across the world. The world’s cities are on the front line of a number of issues such as sustainability, accessibility to education and basic services, health inequality and environmental degradation. The innovation, social conscience, and resilience of young leaders remains key to solving these challenges and is vital for the sustainability of cities, now and in the future.


Education Authority of Northern Ireland

Education Authority of Northern Ireland

The Education Authority of Northern Ireland hosts an annual competition to identify the most impactful community leaders from across Northern Ireland and assemble a delegation to attend the One Young World Summit.


The delegation was invited to deliver their own local conference for children and young people at the Parliament Buildings (Stormont) in Belfast, Northern Ireland.


The UK Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office

Ella Robertson McKay

One Young World partners with the UK Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office to provide young leaders with opportunities to engage with policy makers and play a part in the strategy for Global Britain.


The FCDO has hosted delegations of One Young World Ambassadors at the NATO Summit, International Women’s Day Celebrations and the Europe Future Leaders Reception – One Young World also delivered the closing keynotes and workshops of the Europe Future Leaders Programme.


The FCDO organised a reception for One Young World delegates at One Young World 2019 London at Lancaster House hosted by the Minister for Asia and the Pacific. The Chevening Scholarship Scheme is a nominating supporter for One Young World Scholarships.


Future Generations Leadership Academy, Wales

Future Generations Leadership Academy, Wales

The Future Generations Leadership Academy is a partnership programme led by the Future Generations Commissioner for Wales. This 10-month programme involves partners from across Wales’ public, private and third sector collaborating to support 21 young leaders.


The Academy promotes cross sector collaboration by enabling existing leaders in Wales to connect with and learn from the next generation of leaders, to build a pool of young leaders in Wales who have the right skills for the future.


The first Academy cohort attended One Young World 2019 London where Former Commissioner Howe also launched a global campaign to create more Future Generations Commissions around the world.


Case Studies

  • Prime Minister of Canada’s Youth Council

    Prime Minister of Canada’s Youth Council

    The Prime Minister’s Youth Council was launched at the One Young World Summit in Ottawa as a platform for young people to engage directly with senior government officials to ensure that the needs and perspectives of Canada’s youth are addressed at the highest levels of government. PMYC members met both online and in person several times a year to discuss issues that matter to them as well as to their peers, their community, and their country.


    At in-person meetings, PMYC members provided advice to the Prime Minister, Cabinet Ministers and government officials. This often resulted in the Prime Minister tasking Ministers and federal departments and agencies to undertake further analysis of the issue in order to address the PMYC’s input.

  • One Young World - Hague opening ceremony

    The Hague Ambassadors

    In partnership with the Municipality of The Hague, the One Young World Hague Ambassadors Programme, was set up to support young leaders from The Hague who are committed to building a stronger and better community for a more resilient The Hague.


    Selected Ambassadors focused on supporting the city with developing its portfolio of youth programmes, social enterprises and other work related to the Sustainable Development Goals.