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Action for the SDGs

Ambassadors featured in the 2021 Impact Report have generated impact to address all 17 Sustainable Development Goals, representing the transformative action being taken by the Community to create a fair, sustainable future for all.


Leadership in the Community

A survey of the new Ambassadors in January 2022* indicated that One Young World provides significant leadership development for the overwhelming majority of its Community within only 6 months. This indicates a more motivated, better equipped, and more influential generation of young leaders.

65 %

Ambassadors created brand new social impact within 6 months of joining the Community

97 %

Ambassadors have an increased drive to make a difference

93 %

Ambassadors have a better understanding of how to generate impact

88 %

Ambassadors have increased their capacity to generate impact

90 %

Ambassadors experience greater respect and legitimacy as a leader

88 %

Ambassadors have an improved platform to promote their impact

*data based on a survey of 187 Delegates completed 6 months after attending the 2021 Munich Summit

Ambassador on the frontlines

Frontline Ambassador Action

As founders of non-profit organisations, leaders of social movements, and managers of grassroots initiatives, Ambassadors set an example for how to make a difference at a local and regional level, to drive global change.

The report spotlights a sample of organisations tackling the full spectrum of the SDGs. From educating women in the Caribbean about the political process to overcome systemic inequality, to protecting thousands of hectares of at-risk rainforest in South-East Asia, the Ambassador-led case studies featured in 2021 represent the global impact generated by the Community.

BMW Sabrina Kolbeck and Jacob Hamar

Business for Social Good

Within the network of One Young World’s corporate partners, young leaders have launched a variety of intrepreneurship initiatives that leverage the resources of large companies to create social impact on the frontlines of different Global Goals.

In the 2021 Report, featured projects include an industry-changing competition fostering sustainability innovations in air travel, an inclusive AI tool that rectifies data bias in medical testing processes, and an energy solution for under-resourced schools from prototype car batteries.

Rishi Dorai at Munich Summit 2021

Leaders in Business

The Community is home to thousands of young leaders pursuing careers in the private sector, who are eager to use their influence to direct their companies towards a social purpose and encourage them to follow through on sustainability pledges.

The 2021 report includes success stories of Ambassadors who have used their One Young World experience as a springboard to rise up the ranks in their respective organisations, and help shape more sustainable corporate behaviour.

Alif Office in Tajikstan

Social Entrepreneurship

Inspired by the adage “if not you, then who”, Ambassadors have launched disruptive, sustainability-focused start-ups to create their own opportunities to drive social impact.

Stories included in the 2021 Report cover the founding member of a global renewable energy battery storage provider, a young finance professional offering an ‘ethical’ banking alternative in Tajikistan, and a young entrepreneur in Brunei correcting harmful cultural norms surrounding legacy planning.

For complete analysis of the impact made by the Community in 2021