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Action for the SDGs

Ambassadors featured in the 2023 Impact Report have generated impact to address all 17 Sustainable Development Goals, representing the transformative action being taken by the Community to create a fair, sustainable future for all.


The below statistics are aggregated from all Ambassadors featured in our 2023 Impact Report.



photo of Khazana project

Achieving the SDGs

SDGs 1, 2, 3, 4

Our Ambassadors are alleviating hunger and food insecurity, providing access to healthcare, and supporting people through giving them quality education.

252,933 people from low-income backgrounds supported

6,015,680 meals provided to people experiencing food insecurity

375,000 people educated to prevent non-communicable diseases

3,879,734 people receiving high-quality education

photo of Litro de Luz Ambassador project

Achieving the SDGs

SDGs 5, 6, 7, 8

Our Ambassadors are advocating for gender equality, providing clean water and sanitation, renewable and clean energy, and decent work and employment opportunities.

309,151 women and girls empowered to excel economically (SDG 5)

373,450,000 litres of water saved, replenished, or cleaned (SDG 6)

25,000 people provided with access to clean, renewable light

829,506 people prepared to succeed economically and drive growth

photo of Shah's project

2023 Community Impact

Achieving the SDGs - 9, 10, 11, 12

Our Ambassadors are building essential infrastructure, reducing structural inequalities, developing more sustainable communities, and creating a circular economy.

$1,660,000 investment secured for early-stage entrepreneurs (SDG 9)

330,159 people engaged to reduce social inequalities (SDG 10)

573,857 people living in more sustainable communities (SDG 11)

69,500 tonnes of plastic waste recycled and reused (SDG 12)

photo of Irina's project

2023 Community Impact

Achieving the SDGs - 13, 14, 15

Our Ambassadors are combatting deforestation in the Amazon, restoring coastlines and coral reefs, mobilising young people through climate education and action, and developing innovative climate solutions.

177,542 people mobilised to take climate action (SDG 13)

$2,140,989 invested in marine conservation initiatives (SDG 14)

809,150 tonnes of carbon mitigated through forest restoration (SDG 15)

photo of Gabriel's project

2023 Community Impact

Achieving the SDGs - 16, 17

Our Ambassadors are developing partnerships between private, public, and third sectors, actively training people to fulfil their civic responsibilities, and advocating for peaceful resolutions to conflict.

208,827 people engaged for political and civic action (SDG 16)

$3,633,051 private sector investment into social impact initiatives (SDG 17)

Leadership in the Community

A survey of the new Ambassadors in March 2023* indicated that One Young World provides significant leadership development for the overwhelming majority of its Community within only 6 months. This indicates a more inspired, better equipped, and more influential generation of young leaders.

78 %

Ambassadors created brand new social impact within 6 months of joining the Community

92 %

young leaders believe being an Ambassador has increased their drive to make a difference

93 %

young leaders believe being an Ambassador has improved their understanding of how to generate impact

83 %

young leaders believe being an Ambassador has increased their capacity to generate impact

91 %

young leaders believe being an Ambassador has added legitimacy to their leadership

86 %

young leaders believe being an Ambassador has given them a platform to promote their impact

*data based on survey responses from March 2023 of 154 Ambassadors

photo of Tyler's project

Frontline Ambassador Action

As founders of non-profit organisations, leaders of social movements, and managers of grassroots initiatives, Ambassadors set an example for how to make a difference at a local and regional level, to drive global change.


The report spotlights a sample of organisations tackling the full spectrum of the SDGs. From developing groundbreaking technologies to improve maternal healthcare in Uganda, to empowering Indigenous girls with quality education, the Ambassador-led case studies featured in the 2023 report represent the global impact generated by our Community.

photo of Emma's project

Business for Social Good

Within the network of One Young World’s corporate partners, young leaders have launched a variety of intrepreneurship initiatives that leverage the resources of large companies to create social impact on the frontlines of different Global Goals. 


In the 2023 Report, we featured projects include an innovative and groundbreaking sustainable insulation material, a water conservation and replenishment project that has restored millions of litres of water, and an Ambassador whose work has enhanced support mechanisms for victims of domestic abuse, and many more.

photo of Roberta Avelino

Leaders in Business and Government

The Community is home to thousands of young leaders pursuing careers in the private and public sectors, who are eager to use their influence to direct their organisations towards a social purpose and encourage them to follow through on sustainability pledges. 


The 2023 report includes success stories of Ambassadors who have used their One Young World experience as a springboard to rise up the ranks in their respective organisations, and help shape more sustainable behaviour across both corporations and governmental bodies.

photo of Zahin's project

Social Entrepreneurship

Social Enterprises, founded by our Ambassadors, are at the cutting edge of entrepreneurial spaces, creating innovative businesses and launching disruptive, sustainability-focused start-ups to create their own opportunities to drive social impact.


Stories included in the 2023 Report cover an Ambassador in Germany decarbonising the shipping industry, a young innovator ensuring clean water access in Bangladesh, and a young entrepreneur from Laos providing sustainable consulting services and information.

For complete analysis of the impact made by the Community in 2023