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The OYW Ambassador community is made up of more than 10,000 young leaders from every sector and country. The young leaders in this community range from rising talent from some of the world's leading brands to independent activists and innovative social entrepreneurs.  

We believe this community is at its best and most impactful when Ambassadors from different walks of life collaborate to share skills and best practice. That's why we've launched OYWConnects, an Ambassador-led skills exchange that connects Ambassadors from the private sector with those leading their own social enterprises and initiatives to further develop those actions. 

What is OYWConnects?

OYWConnects​ is a peer-to-peer mentorship programme that matches OYW Ambassadors running early-stage social enterprises with OYW Ambassadors from some of the world's leading businesses. 

To further enhance their ability to scale their initiatives, OYWConnects Mentees first undergo the Social Innovation Warehouse Capacity Building Program designed by EIDOS Global, an organisation dedicated to creating engaging learning experiences which equip people and communities for life and work in the 21st century.

The Capacity Building Program is a 6 week online learn-by-doing training for the young innovators to explore the multiple dimensions to be considered when delivering social innovation projects with a strong focus on impact. Much of the learning material has been supported by globally recognised institutions including UNDP, ASEAN Foundation, YMCA and MakeSense among others.

Once the 6 weeks is complete, Mentees are then paired with a Mentor.

The mentorship period lasts 6 months - meaning in total, the OYWConnects programme spans roughly 7 months.

2019 Cohort

2018 Cohort

About the Capacity Building Program:

Mentees who are selected to join the OYWConnects programme first undergo a bespoke 5-week online program which is tailored to the needs of the individual/organisation. 

By the end of the 6 weeks, Mentees:

  • Develop a better understanding of the different elements of impact assessment
  • Understand the options, risks and opportunities of scaling up
  • Understand the multiple factors involved in an economically sustainable project, even if the project is not considered a social enterprise. 
  • Develop skills and connections that can help them accomplish their goals. 

Once the 6-week program is complete, Mentees are then paired with a Mentor to help guide them through the delivery process and provide more holistic mentorship.

To showcase the success of your work, your initiative will be uploaded to the Social Innovation Warehouse.

How to join the programme:

Become a Mentor: Working in the private sector? Keen to use your business skills to scale an impactful social enterprise? Through OYWConnects, you will be matched with a social entrepreneur, provide mentorship on a monthly basis and apply your business development expertise.

Become a Mentee: If you're a OYW Ambassador working on your own social enterprise or initiative and feel you would benefit from additional support, then OYWConnects​ can help you realise your business goals. By the end of the programme, you will have developed a renewed business plan to improve the effectiveness and scalability of your enterprise.

Please note that we have completed the first intake of OYWConnects. We are collecting applications for the next intake which will begin in the fall. This programme is available exclusively to OYW Ambassadors. 

Become a Mentor    Become a Mentee

What's different about OYWConnects?

  • Program participants receive tailored training and lessons remotely for 5 weeks - these resources are provided by globally recognised firms and organisations.
  • It offers OYW Ambassadors peer to peer mentorship from those of their own age group
  • OYW offers the chance of matching Mentors & Mentees from every country and every sector, including from 100+ corporate partners, providing unparalleled access to global expertise
  • Having shared the OYW experience, it provides an additional layer of relatability crucial to building a supportive mentor-mentee relationship
  • The programme will prove the value of mentorship and that success can be achieved without providing funding


Driven by our vision of empowering people to thrive in an ever changing world, Eidos uses active Learning Experience Design as a way to create impactful and interactive contents, focused on the participant. We develop educational solutions for companies, organizations and governments who want to make an impact and need to equip people with skills and knowledge essential for life and work in the 21st century. In 2018 we were chosen by GESA and the Tecnológico de Monterrey as one of the top 8 EdTech Startups in Latin America.

The Social Innovation Warehouse was born during the 2018 Youth 20 Summit. As the hosting organisation, Eidos collected insights and found that there were many great social innovation ideas to create positive impact worldwide brought to the forefront by young leaders. It quickly became evident to us that these amazing initiatives only needed a push and some tweaking to gain momentum and become real life-changers for many people around the world.

If you are interested in learning more about the Social Innovation Warehouse, please contact: [email protected].