Global Youth Security Council

On October 5 2023, One Young World convened eight exceptional young leaders attending its Belfast 2023 Summit to meet with InterAction Council Co-Chair Bertie Ahern, former Taoiseach of Ireland, and former President of Colombia and Nobel Peace Laureate Juan Manuel Santos.


The reason for this meeting and the formation of a Global Youth Security Council (GYSC) is to address existential threats to the global community. The Council is now made up of fourteen One Young World Ambassadors, working and developing research, policy, and briefings to understand and address these existential threats to humankind.

Strategy 'X'

During the inaugural meeting of the Council, Dr Jo Nurse, Strategic Analyst to the InterAction Council, presented Strategy 'X'. The strategy details the interconnectedness of the existential threats facing humanity and how they interact and reinforce each other, with the potential to escalate existential catastrophes.


The GYSC was selected to cover a range of expertise that equips them to identify and design intersectional solutions that overlap the different clusters and provide escalating solutions. The key threats fit into four clusters:



Image of Kate Robertson embracing a One Young World Ambassador, Taban Shoresh, at the 2019 Summit in London


Image of Delegate at One Young World 2023 Summit wearing VR headset reading 'Northern Ireland: Embracing Giant Spirit'


Image of Ambassador sat on the front of a long, wooden boat with arms outstretched, floating down a river in the jungle


Image of One Young World Ambassador wearing PPE equipment, sat on the floor, explaining to a group of community members practices to reduce the spread of Covid-19

GYSC Members

Fourteen One Young World Ambassadors were chosen to tackle this range of topics, applying their unique expertise and experiences to create escalating and intersectional solutions.

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The Global Youth Security Council was designed and is managed in collaboration with the InterAction Council