One Young World at COP

One Young World at COP

The climate crisis is the greatest challenge of our time. Combatting it requires collaboration, innovation, and bold leadership - leadership which is increasingly seen not from heads of government but from young people.

Young leaders deserve and demand a seat at the table. At One Young World, we are committed to furthering youth representation globally and have worked hard to ensure young people have a presence at COP. These young leaders are from a wide array of sectors, disciplines, and nations and are part of shaping the conversation around much-needed climate action.

Are you working on or do you know of any relevant opportunities for young leaders and One Young World at COP29?

One Young World in numbers at the COP28 Conference

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events in Blue Zone

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One Young World Ambassadors attending the conference

What is the COP Blue Zone?

The Blue Zone is essential to the COP process. It hosts negotiations, delegations and observer organisations to exchange ideas and share their work during panel discussions, side events, exhibits and cultural events. However, not all COP attendees have access to the Blue Zone.

Progress on climate action depends on young leaders' participation, and ensuring our attending Ambassadors have access to the Blue Zone at COP28 enables contribution to decision-making and collaboration with others. This way, they will amplify their contributions to the conversations and drive actionable impact and change

OYW Ambassadors at COP28 events

Blue Zone

  • A protest placard that reads: "Earth is more valuable than money"

    Friday 1st Dec 2023 9.30am to 10.30am

    Singapore Pavilion - Youth Program Led by CA in Singapore, Samantha Thian

    Roundtable: What’s the Guide to Navigating Greenwashing?

    As the urgency to address climate change grows, the audience heard from the perspectives of a panel of young leaders from around the world on the critical issue of greenwashing. The panel discussed effective communication around greenwashing; as well as the impact of greenwashing on consumer behaviour, corporate responsibility, and policy development. In breakout group roundtable discussions, participants had the opportunity to discuss examples of greenwashing in various forms, and share strategies and best practices to tackle greenwashing in their local communities and contexts.

    Ambassadors: Rumaitha Al Busaidi

    Hosted by the Singapore Pavilion

  • Kehkashan Basu speaking at a OYW summit

    Friday 1st Dec 2023 12.30pm to 1.30pm

    Canada Pavilion, located within Building 52 within Zone B5 of the Blue Zone in Expo City Dubai

    Facilitating a Gender-Just Transition to Clean Energy to Address Loss and Damage

    Ambassador: Kehkashan Basu

    Hosted by the Green Hope Foundation

  • OYW ambassadors in discussion with top firm executives on sustainability

    Sunday 3rd Dec 2023 3.45pm to 4.45pm

    Children & Youth Pavilion, Meeting Room

    Round Table Session for OWY ambassadors: Connecting Ideas For A Sustainable Future

    A group of 15 OYW ambassadors at COP28 had the chance to have a direct conversation with Kathy Alsegaf; Laila Takeh; Martin Baxter; and Sarah Mukherjee.
    The conversation revolved around how One Young World ambassadors can help tackle sustainability challenges and the possible synergies they can create between them and the Chief Sustainability Officers (CSOs).

    Chief Sustainability Officers: Kathy Alsegaf - Global Sustainability Leader at Deloitte; Laila Takeh - Strategy and Innovator Director at Deloitte; Martin Baxter - Deputy CEO at the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment; Sarah Mukherjee - Chief Executive Officer at the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment; and Jenny Wassenaar - Chief Sustainability Officer & SVP Global R&D at Trivium Packaging

  • Deloitte Business case for Nature Session

    Monday 4th Dec 2023 9am to 10.30am

    Global Alliance for Sustainable Planet Pavilion, Section B7, Building 89

    Green Education through Clean Energy Innovation to Implement Climate Justice

    Ambassador: Kehkashan Basu

  • panel discussion

    Monday 4th Dec 2023 11.30am to 1pm

    SE Room 5

    Climate Change and Mental Health: Understanding Risks and Empowering Opportunities

    Ambassador: Kehkashan Basu

    Hosted by United Nations University and WHO

  • Panel discussion

    Monday 4th Dec 2023 1pm to 1.45pm

    Madagascar Pavilion

    Blended Finance for Sustainable Development: Fostering Cross-Sector Collaboration

    Ambassador: Federico Perez

    Hosted by Madagascar government

  • united nation panel climat change

    Monday 4th Dec 2023 1.30pm to 2.15pm

    Coalition of Rainforest Nations Pavilion

    The Business Case for Nature: There is No Net Zero without Nature

    With the interest in ESG investing at all-time high, institutional investors are shining a light on a previously sidelined indicator of environmental health: biodiversity. But despite an increasing number of funds being created, natural capital investment opportunities remain limited, and biodiversity needs to be taken into consideration by governments, companies, and the investment community.

    Ambassador: Jason Salgado

    Hosted by Deloitte in partnership with Coalition for Rainforest Nations

  • Glowing blue, neon, circuit board

    Wednesday 6th Dec 12.00pm to 1.00pm

    Business Pavilion

    ‘Resilience through a whole system lens’

    Ambassador: Anjatiana Radoharinirina​​​​​​​

    In partnership with National Grid

  • large white satellite sub vertical, facing out into the mountainous distance with trees in the foreground

    Wednesday 6th Dec 1.00pm to 2.30pm

    Singapore Pavilion - Youth Program Led by CA in Singapore, Samantha Thian

    Workshop: Crafting Climate Communications #GreenGrams #ClimateTok

    How can we communicate effectively on the issue of climate change? In this workshop, hear from climate communicators on how they are amplifying their messages through different platforms, from LinkedIn to TikTok. Participants will have the chance to work with each other and tackle problem statements in breakout groups, to develop a creative item of their choice to communicate the importance of the climate problem to the public. Let your imagination run wild – the best creations will win prizes!

    Ambassador: Samantha Thian

    Hosted by the Singapore Pavilion

  • Sagar Kalra in black and shaded green t-shirt presenting at COP28

    Friday 8th Dec 2023 9am to 10.45am

    Azerbaijan Pavilion

    “Science of Networks”: Financing Youth Lead Climate Action in SouthCaucasus, “Analysis and UN-Compliant Strategies”

    Ambassador: Sagar Kalra

    Hosted by the Ministry of Youth and Sport, The Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources and YOUNGO


  • Mentorship session

    Friday 8th Dec 2023 10am to 11.30am

    Colombia Pavilion

    Young Changemakers: From Advocacy to Ecosystems – Crafting Holistic Solutions for Systemic Change

    Ambassador: Federico Perez

    Hosted by Colombia government

  • Speaker

    Friday 8th Dec 2023 11am to 12pm

    OPEC Fund Pavilion

    Scaling up Social Safety Programs: Lessons learned from COVID-19

    Ambassador: Jason Salgado

    Hosted by the OPEC Fund / World Bank

  • Federico Perez on stage in group photo at COP28

    Friday 8th Dec 2023 3pm to 4pm

    Trade House Pavilion

    Keeping cool at 1.5 degrees: Intergenerational Dialogues for the Future We Want

    Ambassador: Federico Perez

    Hosted by International Trade Centre (ITC)

  • Panel discussion

    Friday 8th Dec 2023 5pm to 6pm

    UN Climate Change - Global Innovation Hub Pavilion

    Financing the Green Energy Transition 

    Featuring: Freedom-Kai Phillips, a Director within our Deloitte Center for Sustainable Progress

    Ambassador: Jason Salgado

    Deloitte in partnership with UNFCCC

  • Mentorship session

    Saturday 9th Dec 2023 10.00am to 11.00am

    U.S. Center Pavilion, Section B5, Building 59, Large Meeting Room 5, Second Floor

    Mentorship Session with Abby Finkenauer, Special Envoy for Global Youth Issues of the U.S Department of State

    Five One Young World (OYW) ambassadors had an opportunity to engage in an informal conversation with Abby Finkenauer. She is the Special Envoy for Global Youth Issues at the Office of Global Youth Issues in the U.S. Department of State. During their chat, they discussed their respective projects and careers as climate leaders. They also exchanged knowledge and experiences related to their work.

  • Speakers

    Saturday 9th Dec 2023 5pm to 6pm

    Land and Drought Pavilion

    Let’s Talk Land: Indigenous Perspectives on Land Restoration, Conservation, and Rights

    Ambassador: Federico Perez

    Hosted by UNCCD/G20 Global Land Initiative

  • People protesting in urban setting

    Sunday 10th Dec 2023 1.00pm to 2.30pm

    Youth Climate Champion Pavilion - Youth Program Led by CA in Singapore, Samantha Thian

    Meaningful Activism: Exploring Personal Stories To Drive Social Change

    Young people are taking action on climate change all over the world. The audience heard from young leaders who are making a meaningful difference in their individual ways. As “human books”, they shared their personal stories of driving social change, and answered questions in small group discussions. These diverse “books” showcase the complexities of climate change and the diverse perspectives that exist on what meaningful activism is.

    Ambassadors: Samantha Thian, Max Han, Kenly Kenneth

    Hosted by the Singapore Pavilion

  • Speakers on stage in and indoor meeting room, sitting down, discussing on the session: Can Youth Entrepreneurship Make a Difference

    Monday 11th Dec 2023 10.00am to 11.30am

    Singapore Pavilion - Youth Program Led by CA in Singapore, Samantha Thian

    Can Youth Entrepreneurship Make a Difference?

    A deep dive into the powerful role that youth entrepreneurs are playing to tackle climate change. Young founders and entrepreneurs shared about the companies and organisations they run, the inspiration for their journeys, and how they are making a difference from the private sector. In breakout groups, participants discussed diversity and inclusion in entrepreneurship, funding for youth initiatives, and the power of collaboration.

    Ambassadors: Moliehi Rethabile Mafantiri, Nicholas Kee

    Hosted by the Singapore Pavilion

Green Zone

  • Panel discussion

    Sunday 3rd Dec 2023 2.00pm to 3.00pm

    Extreme Hangout Session

    Optimism, Hope, Leadership and the Climate Crisis

    This session outlined from the perspective of young leaders, why climate change is not a lost cause, how we can rethink this crisis, and the steps we need to take, despite polarisation, to work better together.

    Ambassadors: Anna Stanley-Radière, Imogen Napper

    Counsellor and Moderator: Paul Polman - Business Leader, Former CEO of Unilever, Climate and Equality Campaigner. 

    Former president of Costa Rica - Carlos Alvarado

    Adolescent and Youth Manager at UNICEF: Fabio Friscia

    In partnership with Extreme and El Club de Madrid

  • cop28

    Sunday 3rd Dec 2023 3pm to 5pm

    Making the energy transition human-centered

    Ambassador: Rana Hajirasouli

    Hosted by EY


  • Panel discussion

    Tuesday 5th Dec 2023 10.30am to 11.30am

    Extreme Hangout Session

    AI, Clean Technologies, and Climate Change

    This session explored the role of AI in advancing clean and sustainable solutions, delving into its potential impact on mitigating environmental challenges. Safe and effective implantation will require cross-sector collaboration with input from every sector. Attendees gained insights into the innovative opportunities and challenges of AI and the role clean technologies will play in contributing to a more sustainable future.

    Ambassadors: Abideen Olasupo, Rana HajirasouliFederico PerezPearly Ingkakul 

    Counsellor and Moderator: Iván Duque Márquez - Former President of Colombia

    In partnership with Extreme

  • Pencil cartoon illustration of lion caught in fishing net, looking down at a mouse on the floor

    Friday 8th Dec 2023 to Tuesday 12th December 2023

    Start-up Village

    Exposition of the start-up OOYOO
    Ambassador: Ralph Nicolai Nasara

    Winner of Lead 2030 OYW Programme

  • Uni of Bath logo

    Friday 8th Dec 2023 3.00pm to 4.30pm

    Terra Auditorium

    ActNowFilm: youth climate leaders in conversation with climate experts

    A youth film produced by the University of Bath Institute for Policy Research (IPR) and Cambridge Zero, supported by the UK Universities Climate Network (UUCN). See the trailer here


    The film, showcased at COP28, is based on 1-2-1 conversations between youth climate leaders and world-leading climate experts. We filmed with 30 pairs, from every continent, except Antarctica, with representation from 33 countries. Participants include leaders from indigenous communities, business, policy, activism, academia, the third sector and international organisations.

    Ambassadors: Samantha Thian, Moliehi Mafantiri

    In partnership with the University of Bath

  • Beatriz Azevedo group photo at COP28

    Friday 8th Dec 2023 11:45am to 12.45pm

    Greening Education Hub

    SUAD Youth COP Panel of Winning Students at COP28: Declaration of SUAD for Climate Change

    Ambassador: Beatriz Azevedo

    Hosted by Youth COP

  • Moliehi Mafantiri at a workshop for OYW Ambassadors at COP28

    Friday 8th Dec 2023 3pm to 4.30pm

    Terra Pavilion


    Hosted by The University of Bath Institute for Policy Research (IPR) and Cambridge Zero, and supported by the UK Universities Climate Network (UUCN) and in partnership with One Young World. 

    Ambassador: Moliehi Mafantiri

  • Speakers

    Monday 11th Dec 2023 1.30pm to 2.30pm

    Green Education Pavilion

    Unlocking Youth's Potential in Advancing Climate Action through Capacity Building Programs

    Ambassador: Sagar Kalra

    Hosted by the Hassan II International Center for Environmental Training

  • Panel discussion

    Tuesday 12th Dec 2023 12pm to 1.30pm

    Climate Live Pavillion

    From Summit to Action: Outcomes and Next

    Ambassador: Moliehi Mafantiri

    Hosted by YOUNGO Nature Working Group

COP28 International Youth Climate Delegates

OYW Ambassadors featured at COP

The COP28 Presidency UAE announced the selection of 100 delegates for the International Youth Climate Delegate Program to embed within the COP process, with a priority for delegates from countries on the list of Least Developed Countries (LDCs), Small Island Developing States (SIDS), Indigenous Peoples and other minority groups around the world.


From the 100 selected, 6 were One Young World Ambassadors.


News and Media

  • Kehkashan Basu

    Channel News Asia

    Kehkashan Basu is a 23 years old, President of the Green Hope Foundation, One Young World Ambassador and a Canadian environmental and human rights activist. Kehkashan had a Broadcast interview by the Channel News Asia where she elaborated on the significance of young people in the UN-led talks, as well as the importance of the implementation of the Loss & Damage fund.

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