One Young World believes that business must be at the heart of social, environmental and economic change. There is a growing expectation that companies should make a positive impact beyond profits and employees want to work for companies that have purpose and are committed to sustainability.

One Young World has the largest corporate network of any charity – working with businesses to deliver real impact. Young employees are critical in driving businesses to become better corporate citizens – through leveraging the power of companies, positive change can be accelerated more so than ever before.

In the Press

  • Ronan Dunn speaking at One Young World Summit

    Forbes: There's the opportunity for Gen-Z to harness technology in a way that's different from any previous generation

  • Sky News

    Sky: One Young World Eradicates Old Perceptions Of Youth

  • David Jones and Kate Robertson - Founders of One Young World

    Emirate News Agency: Business must be a force for good, Founders tell Changemakers


  • seagulls on garbage

    Fortune: Purpose isn’t just a numbers game



Business for social good

Business for Social Good

Young leaders attending the One Young World Summit return to their businesses with the tools, network and motivation to make an impact.


Download a mini-report on the impact One Young Leaders had inside corporations in 2020




Partner Experience

One Young World 2019 through L'Oréal delegates eyes
L'Oréal x One Young World | 2019
BMW Group at One Young World
BMW Group x One Young World | 2018
Unilever at One Young World 2018
Unilever x One Young World | 2018
One Young World and Deloitte | Developing young leaders for the future of education
Deloitte x One Young World | 2018
Audi at One Young World
Audi x One Young World | 2019
Bühler's Delegates At The One Young World summit
Bühler x One Young World | 2017
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