Coordinating Ambassadors

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One Young World Summits are fantastic, inspiring events but it is after each Summit that the hard work really begins.

Between Summits, One Young World makes huge efforts to follow Ambassador initiatives, promote their stories and connect them with each other. But we can’t do this alone!

It is vital to follow what Ambassadors all round the world are doing in their countries, communities or businesses. To make this more effective, Coordinating Ambassadors from 23 geographical regions will be elected to take the lead on reporting on the amazing work that happens in between Summits.


Community Engagement

Coordinating Ambassadors will primarily be expected to engage with all One Young World Ambassadors within their geographical regions. This engagement is key to sustaining momentum after each Summit and tracking the impact of individual Ambassadors.

Information Gathering

One Young World will create an Ambassador impact measurement questionnaire. Coordinating Ambassadors will ensure Ambassadors in their region complete the questionnaire and stress the need for robust responses. This data will provide information on the impact of Ambassadors and will form the basis of case studies and data visualisation for a range of purposes.

Gathering film and other media

Coordinating Ambassadors will gather compelling film and photography of Ambassadors in their region. This should include footage and photographs of Ambassadors’ initiatives including any media appearances.

Organise physical and/or online Ambassador meetings/focus groups

Coordinating Ambassadors will assist One Young World in canvassing Ambassadors regarding the topics to be covered at the 2015 Summit.

Coordinating Ambassadors are encouraged to stage Caucuses – physical and/or online meetings, which are aimed at fostering strong connections among Ambassadors in their region throughout the year.

Commissioning Ambassador Blogs

Blogs written by Ambassadors are currently published on the One Young World website and The Huffington Post. Coordinating Ambassadors will commission and edit blogs written by Ambassadors in their region. The topics for the blogs may vary from an account of an Ambassador’s activities to opinion pieces on events or issues happening in the region. On occasion, One Young World may ask the Coordinator to commission a blog about a news event while it is current.

Coordinate events

1. One Young World is often able to offer its Ambassadors the chance to attend exclusive events. When these opportunities arise, Coordinating Ambassadors will invite Ambassadors in the local area to attend.

2. Coordinating Ambassadors will also have the opportunity to suggest and stage approved fundraising and other events in their region with local partners and other potential stakeholders.

Who are the Coordinating Ambassadors?

The Ambassadors below have been selected to take on the 23 Coordinating Ambassador roles. They were chosen through a competitive application process and an election open to all Ambassadors.