Human Rights

Who is responsible for upholding human rights?

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We, the One Young World Ambassadors, pledge to take personal responsibility for improving the rights of an oppressed minority in our community.

The interconnectedness of the younger generation has exposed them to more information about other cultures and different ways of thinking than any previous generation. They are increasingly aware of the minorities in their midst and in the wider world who suffer setbacks arising from prejudice and oppression. Furthermore, they are committed to action that improves the rights of others and the revolution in communications has afforded them many tools that can boost their ability to do so.

The Human Rights Plenary will examine, across a range of themes, how the rights of all can be upheld and the barriers to doing so. The delegates will discuss the roles of institutions, organisations, communities and individuals in this area. The Summit will also hear about the most effective forms of advocacy and examples of successful efforts to improve the rights of minorities.

49% of Ambassadors do not believe the human rights of all citizens are upheld in their country
61% of those Ambassadors consider that the human rights of the poor are not protected in their country
66% of Ambassadors believe agents of the state violate the human rights of individuals

*statistics taken from the One Young World 2012 Plenary Consultation

Delegate Speakers

Carolina Bonin      Germany  &  Simon Rodgers     UK
Cheuk Kwan Chung      Hong Kong
Chris Senesi      USA
Felipe Quintanilla     Peru
Meron Semedar     Eritrea
Namrata Poddar     India     (winner of the Do Better Challenge)

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