Leadership & Governance


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We, the One Young World Ambassadors, pledge to take personal responsibility for the development of other young leaders in the organisations in which we play a part.

The Leadership & Governance Session has traditionally been the session for which there has been the highest number of speaker applications. Delegates are keen to share their views on what makes for good leadership and why young leaders can be both effective and inspirational. This year we will hear about the ways in which young leaders can go about making their voices heard and implementing their remarkable vision; delegates will discuss the methods they have found most effective.

One Young World is a platform for leadership development and the Leadership & Governance Session will focus on ways in which Ambassadors can convey the messages from One Young World to other young leaders and accelerate the improvement of the calibre of leaders in their communities.

91% of One Young World Ambassadors consider themselves to be leaders
60% consider their generation to be the most crucial for development
68% believe that it is extremely important that time and resources are dedicated to the development of young leaders
47% say they are leaders in the non-profit field and
40% say they are leaders in the workplace
55% say young leaders are very or quite influential in their workplace

*statistics taken from the One Young World 2012 Plenary Consultation

Delegate Speakers

Alexandre Leboucher     France
Farah Iqbal      Bangladesh
Greg Kyle-Langley     UK
Marvin Mathew     USA
Seraseini Vulavou     Fiji
Vanessa Picker     Australia

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