Global Business

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How can young employees be the key to better business?

The current younger generation is different from any that have gone before. Technology has made them the most informed, the most responsible and the most influential generation of young adults that has ever existed.

They are the driving force behind the movement to make business more responsible and sustainable. For business leaders, understanding what this transformative generation thinks, listening to what they believe in and applying this knowledge is the key to making businesses successful.

The Global Business Plenary Session heard from delegates and Ambassadors who, despite being young, are playing significant roles in their organisations. 

Delegate Speakers:

João Paulo Escobar & Andrea Mendoza Quitanar, Mexico
Adam Gagen, Hong Kong & Nicola McCarthy UK
Saurabh Madaan, India
Monde Nkosi, South Africa
Patricia Pretell, Peru
David Russo, USA