The 2013 Summit Plenary Sessions

The Plenary Sessions are the foundations from which all content at the Summit is developed. The 2013 topics were arrived at following a year-long consultation process with Ambassadors and incoming delegates.

Each Plenary Session featured six speeches given by delegates who were personally introduced by a Counsellor. After this, the Counsellors ‘went to the floor' taking microphones among the delegation so the latter could play an active part in the Session.

Previous Summits have seen delegations vote on Resolutions and Pledges that were developed some weeks in advance of the event. At the 2013 Summit, the content of votes to measure support and opinion was decided upon much closer to the Summit and, in some cases, as the session itself unfolded. 


How can tomorrow’s skills be taught today?


Global Business

How can young employees be the key to better business?

Human Rights

Gender equality – how can rhetoric be turned into reality?


Leadership & Government

What is the new democracy?

Sustainable Development

Are there solutions that give as much as they take?


Youth Unemployment

Is it our job to find the solutions?