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How can tomorrow’s skills be taught today?

Education systems are at a crossroads. Policymakers and educators are wrestling with how to meet the changing requirements of today’s employment landscape. At the same time, progress in getting every child into school is at a standstill with 57 million children still denied the right to a basic education.

A significant proportion (62%) of One Young World Ambassadors and incoming delegates are active or have a special interest in the field of education. In the Plenary Session poll, where the community was asked to select topics for the 2013 Summit, education was the top choice.

The Education Plenary Session explored ways that technology and new schooling methods can improve access to basic education and better equip young people for life.

Delegate Speakers:

Carlos Aravena, Chile

Erik Caldwell, USA

Mohamed Camara, Nigeria

Idris Barzani, Kurdistan, Iraq

Miganoush Magarian, Germany

Bintou Soumarou, Mali