Leadership & Government

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What is the new democracy?

Major public protests have raged from Bangladesh to Brazil to Bulgaria in the last year. Empowered citizens are voicing their discontent. Old models of power are crumbling. Young people wanting to engage in politics face a dilemma: do they embrace existing systems or try to create new ones?

Almost two-thirds (63%) of the One Young World community is active or has a special interest in the fields of leadership and government. A proportion of these are personally involved in creating ways to increase governments’ engagement with young people. Others are active in developing new models of democracy.

The Session examined where current leaders have gone wrong and what new models of democracy and political process are being created.




Delegate Speakers:

Maysara Al Arabeed, Palestine
Pradiip Alvarez & Liz Alarcon, Venezuela 
Ahmad Alhendawi, Jordan
Ashish Damle, India
Ionanna Fotopoulou, Greece
Daniella Segal, Israel
Riley Wyman, USA