2014 Plenary Session Consultation Survey

What are the Plenary Sessions?

The Plenary Sessions are the Summit’s main sessions. They are a series of six meetings attended by all Delegates and Ambassadors to discuss pressing global issues.

The 2013 Plenary Session topics were Education, Human Rights, Global Business, Leadership and Government, Sustainable Development and Youth Unemployment.

What is this survey for?

The themes and topics discussed during each Plenary Session are generated by consulting with the community of One Young World Ambassadors and incoming Delegates.

As part of this consultation process Ambassadors have so far responded to a preliminary survey and participated in a series of online focus groups. Through these steps, Ambassadors have indicated which broad themes they wish to tackle at the 2014 Summit and also generated a range of potential focus points within these themes.

This survey is the final step in the consultation process and will help decide precisely which topics are addressed during the Plenary Sessions at the One Young World Summit 2014 in Dublin.

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