African Student Leaders' Summit


The African Student Leaders Summit (ASLS) is an initiative by the Student
Representative Council of the University of Cape Town (UCT SRC) and the UCT
Department of Student Affairs (UCT DSA) in collaboration with the University of
Fort Hare (UFH), the University of the Western Cape (UWC) and the University of
Witwatersrand (Wits). The ASLS will bring together elected student leaders from
across the African continent in a five-day summit, hosted annually by one of the
partner institutions, around the key themes as identified.

Students have been responsible for many of the great paradigm shifts that have shaped our world.  As young African student leaders, championing the African Renaissance, and as Institutions dedicated to eradicating poverty, and redeeming our continent, we believe that we are the right organisations to pioneer a world-class forum which focuses on African issues, African problems and, above all, charting the way forward for African solutions.

The 2010 UCT SRC therefore envisions a summit that will address these issues with
the vision of uniting Africa, promoting cross-continental engagements and building
formal, multilateral relationships with other elected student leadership structures on
the continent.  In this way, the ASLS will seek to emphasise a new brand of African
leadership which aims to instil a new form of continental engagement among Africa's