Mahamane Fondogoumo Djitteye ,

"I would like to expand my knowledge and find solutions to problems of peacebuilding such as teaching professionals new techniques, approaches, practices and methodologies about  the challenges of the 21 century."

About Mahamane

Mahamane F Djitteye  is CEO and founder of The Timbuktu Center for Peace Studies. He is an international consultant, peace-building activist, civic leadership coach, and grant writer. He has also published articles on good governance, security, youth civic engagement, violent extremism, security and cultural heritage development strategies.  

He has a master’s degree in English Language and Literature from the Faculty of Letters, Arts, and Human Sciences at the University of Bamako, Mali’s premier university. He has a postgraduate certificate in International conflict Management from the International Peace and Security institute at American University’s School of International Service. He also publishes the web magazine Timbuktu: Land of peace and Culture, which also helps organize peace-building activities in the Timbuktu region.  

Mahamane is a fellow with the Mandela Washington Fellowship Young African leadership Initiative Program. His involvement is with the program’s the civic leadership track. Since 2012, with the onset of civil war, he has focused on peace-building. He uses Timbuktu’s celebrated cultural heritage as a catalyst for lasting peace and transforming violent extremism in the city and region of Timbuktu, with a special focus on preventing the radicalization of youth. He built his career through online news, media and publishing. He also runs outreach campaigns, as well as festivals for the performing arts. He has facilitated meetings and programs in arts development, human rights issues, youth civic engagement, and leadership forums for youth and women.

He also works nomadic tribal communities, such as the Tuareg and Fulani, on rural education and peace-building  He is responsible for implementing and developing strategic and creative multimedia projects, developing tools and content for peace and reconciliation process, including the building of youth civic engagement for positive social change. Hadj’s work brings together youth leaders, Malian journalists, cultural leaders and musicians, governmental leaders, local change-makers, policy-makers, and human rights and women's rights activists to promote peace and national dialogue.


Peace-building, leadership, training