Project FUEL

Ambassador: Deepak Ramola , India

Deepak founded Project FUEL as a way of recording and sharing life lessons in an impactful way. Project FUEL has collected more than 100,000 life lessons, sharing them with more than 300,000 people so far. Humans learn a great deal through lived experience, but this knowledge is not formally written or taught anywhere, so Deepak started Project FUEL as a way to collect and share the knowledge that people have gained throughout life. Project FUEL has both collected and given lessons to people around the world, including those living in refugee camps in France, Germany, Sweden, Hungary and The Netherlands. Wisdom learnt from life lessons is often transferable and can benefit all learners. Project FUEL seeks to build a community of young adults who live, learn and share to make meaningful psycho-social and emotional contribution to themselves and to society at large. 

The Project has four main pillars: education, art, media and events. The education strand crafts modules and curriculums out of life lessons to pass on in a more structured fashion. One example of this is using the experiences of sex workers to teach business students about the art of negotiation and bartering. Project FUEL also uses art to spread messages through life lessons. One such project, coined ‘The Wise Wall’, is an initiative of Project FUEL and FUEL Foundation to document the rural wisdom of villages and celebrate it through art murals. The media and film element of the project showcases personal stories through film documentaries, shows and written and spoken blogs. Deepak believes in the power of unconventional educational methods to keep the stories in the minds of the learners. The fourth strand consists of live experiential events where the concepts of life lessons are shared through conversational dialogues and guided discussions.


Find out more about Project FUEL's Out of Syllabus Project, an initiative to document, design and celebrate the wisdom of our teachers through stories of their lives and life lessons.