Trisha Shetty

India ,

Founder & CEO, SheSays

Founder & CEO of SheSays, a platform to educate, rehabilitate and empower women to take direct action against sexual assault in India. It provides a portal that educates, rehabilitates and empowers women to take direct action against sexual violence in India. Trisha and her team work with established institutions across the education, entertainment and healthcare sectors to build a network of support that recognizes all levels of sexual abuse and provides the necessary means to fight it. So far, SheSays has actively helped 151, 426 people. One of her campaigns #LahukaLagaan, targeted at the Finance Minister for tax-free sanitary napkins and transparency in government schemes to benefit women in rural India, received over 25 million impressions online and endorsements from the Minister of Women and Child Development along with bi-partisan political support. Further, she has filed a Public Interest Litigation at the High Court with the Chief Justice taking cognisance of the issue.

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