Become an IMPACTR!

IMPACTR is calling on the One Young World community to become the first members of a new change-making social media app, when it launches on 1 October.


IMPACTR is a new social media platform that is dedicated to sustainability. It has been created to increase the sharing and access of sustainable solutions amongst the One Young World community and also to a broader global audience.

IMPACTR was inspired and designed with OYW in mind as it was Co-founded by Johannah Maher, a OYW Ambassador. She identified the gap in today's social media platforms that are lacking easy access for taking action on sustainable development. On the IMPACTR app, users can easily discover opportunities to engage with sustainable solutions and sustainability experts, as well as get direct access to make impact in your own personal way, instantly.

Additional benefits:

One Young World Delegates and Ambassadors that sign-up before 26 October will receive a special IMPACTR "Contributor" status and badge on the platform. "Contributors" play the role of an "impact influencer" by posting content and leading conversations relevant to advancing the sustainable development goals, as well as get early access to additional benefits on the platform as it grows.

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