Online Course - Ideas for a Better World: Leading Change Through Policymaking

Policy change can affect billions of lives. What if you could create policies to enhance societies, transform lives and change the impact we have on the world?


Ideas for a Better World: Leading Change Through Policymaking is British Council's new course which will teach you how to lead change through policymaking. On this course, supported by the Møller Institute, Churchill College and the University of Cambridge, you will build knowledge and awareness about policymaking and leadership.

You will learn from global policy experts and hear innovative perspectives from policy leaders creating change all around the world. Listen to guest speakers from the United Nations, UK House of Lords, and The Elders, and learn to create your own policy action plan.

Additional information

The course takes place online. You will get unlimited access to this course - including any articles, videos, peer reviews and quizzes - as well as a PDF Certificate of Achievement to prove your success.

Best of all, the entire course is completely free of charge!

The start date is 10 June 2019, but you will still be able to join and work through it after this date. 

Learn more and register via the link below: