5 weeks, 5 topics: Check our Brazil Caucus recap

Organised by a team of Ambassadors in Brazil, this year's One Young World Brazil Caucus was held online for the first time. The digital event, spanning 5 weeks, covered 5 different topics - the refugee crisis, innovation for sustainability in agribusiness, education challenges, gender representation, and responsible economy. Each week, the team hosted in-depth discussions on each topic, bringing together prominent figures, and connecting agents from the corporate and political world with the third sector.

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Brazil Caucus stats
Brazil Caucus speakers


The One Young World Brazil Caucus 2020 featured an incredible lineup of speakers, from world-renowned business leaders and trailblazing political figures, to prominent activists and up-and-coming entrepreneurs. Learn more below.

Brazil Caucus speakers


Brazil Caucus speakers


Brazil Caucus speakers


Brazil Caucus speakers


Brazil Caucus week 5



Special thanks

The One Young World Brazil Caucus 2020 was only possible due to the hard work and commitment of a number of key partners and dedicated Ambassadors. Thank you to:

Johnson & Johnson, for providing use of their Zoom platform.

Tailorme, for producing a high-quality Caucus highlights video.

SKF, for donating R$ 9.000,00 and incentivising Caucus participant donations of R$ 5.325,00. The combined total was donated to Refúgio 343, an Ambassador-led humanitarian organisation committed to responding to the biggest refugee crisis in Latin America.

The organising committee, a team of proactive Ambassadors from Brazil who are all outstanding leaders in the region. Click on their photos below to learn more about each of their work.

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Learn more about the event via the official event page.

Want to contribute to a future One Young World Brazil Caucus? Then please get in touch with Suelen via [email protected]

Published on 07/10/2020