Bringing the world to Bangkok

Laksameekan is a One Young World Ambassador from Thailand and Bangkok's successful bid to host the One Young World Summit 2015. 

​During the One Young World Summit 2013 in Johannesburg when I said to myself "I will bring One Young World to Bangkok", I never thought that I would be organizing it at this very moment. That comment will always be a reminder to me that nothing is impossible and to always dream big. Because of this mindset, the One Young World Summit will be coming to Asia for the very first time and Bangkok is more than willing to act as its host.

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It started with me being inspired by all the Counsellors, Ambassadors, delegates and above all the One Young World co-founders Kate and David. I came back to Bangkok feeling so determined to make it happen as soon as possible. For me the perfect year was 2015.

Thailand knew nothing about the Summit, so I started educating people about One Young World. To me, the One Young World is more than just a summit, we're a  family.  It slowly became apart of my DNA and the next thing I knew I couldn’t stop talking about it.  It is where hope is given, it is where you get your voice heard, it is where you find inspiration, and it is where you discover true friendship. This is what Thailand needed, we need to be able to have faith in the ideas of our young people and by extension this is also what Asia needed. One by one I was able to get the government sector, leading private & public companies, universities, foundations and many more behind me in the bid to host the summit. It wasn't easy but, I knew it would be worth it.

Some people thought that 2016 would give us much more time to prepare, but I thought 2015 would be perfect to host One Young World. It would be the start of the ASEAN Economic community (AEC), this is where ASEAN countries gather together with over 600 million people to create a more competitive market. This will create regional cooperation attracting more foreign investors and generate more SMEs across the region but most importantly creating more tourism opportunities, especially with MICE tourism. To host a prestigious event such as One Young World, Bangkok would be seen as a destination that is ready to hold more global Summits in the future.

Nothing in life is perfect but Bangkok will do our very best to ensure that we put on a great show.  A very special statement from our bid book reads “Believe in the spirit of Thai People, Believe in Thailand, Believe in One Young World Bangkok.” Previous host cities have done such an amazing job at hosting, that we're more than grateful to learn from them and their experiences.

In an effort to remain humble and modest I won't oversell the idea of Bangkok to you but, I'm sure that many of you have heard of Thai hospitality. Service with a smile takes on a completely new meaning when you step into the land of smiles. Our biggest industry is tourism, so future delegates and Returning Ambassadors can be assured that they will be met with beautiful hotels and amazing venues that will only enhance the Summit experience.

During the Summit we have planned for you to indulge in the most exquisite and authentic of Thai foods from all across the nation and the opening ceremony that we have planned is in a word, breathtaking. Imagine cruising along Bangkok's main river with an explosion of Thai culture for you to witness. Ending at Bangkok's most trendy riverside Bazaar.  We also hope that you do not forget to make plans for after the Summit, Thailand has so much to offer, whether it trekking in Chiangmai, Elephant riding in the northern area, Scuba Diving in Krabi, or simply exploring the culture in Ayutthaya, there is something for everyone. 

I am so thankful that we get to host future delegates and returning ambassadors from around the world.  I really can’t wait to welcome you all to my beautiful country, my beautiful home, Thailand.

Sawasdee Kha!​