Community solutions to the Ebola crisis

Abel Williams Cheayan is a young leader from Liberia whose 'Action Prevents Ebola' project helped to halt the spread of Ebola in 10 communities across Liberia.

It is important for young people to not only be cognizant of the world’s most pressing problems but to actively help solve them even through small means. If we ignore the need for action, we also ignore a better future and create room for the fears and tragedies that exist in our new generation today. Sometimes we overlook our actions, but we must understand that every little action we take has its own value when it comes to creating change in the world. During the summit, I was away.  I utilized the social media to Mobilized OYW ambassador from various countries. The young joined my called and helped me organized a petition presented to the acting Director-General of the UN in Geneva who passed it on to the Head of the WHO that was sent to the world health organization as World Youth called for United and Global action to end Ebola in West Africa. This Petition was also followed by an Ebola Walk that took place in Dublin. 

International vs. grass roots. This is where young people's power lies.


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