Covid-19 Young Leaders Fund Recipients: The Second Cohort


One Young World is delighted to announce four more grant recipients of the Covid-19 Young Leaders Fund.

After discovering that only 38% of young people believe that governments have adequately addressed their concerns during the pandemic, One Young World created the Covid-19 Young Leaders fund to help young leaders who are giving their time, energy and resources to tackle the consequences of the pandemic on vulnerable people, families and communities.

These four initiatives are examples of the impactful, necessary, and selfless work of young people intervening on the frontlines.




Jenifer Colpas, Colombia - Fundación Tierra Grata Colombia

Jenifer Colpas - Fundación Tierra Grata Colombia

Jenifer is the founder of “WASH for all, WASH for life”, an initiative directly supporting the most vulnerable people in Indigenous and Afro-Caribbean communities who were displaced by Colombia’s civil war. It provides access to drinking water, hand washing facilities and educational workshops to minimise the spread of Covid-19  in these communities.

To date, WASH for all, WASH for life has helped over 1400 people, and has raised awareness in these communities through hygiene workshops. The initiative will use the grant to reach a further 7,500 people with vital preventative interventions including donations of soaps, masks, water filters and ecological toilets.



Obinna Victor Eze – 360degreeHEALTH NETwork


Nigeria announced cuts to healthcare spending of 40% despite coronavirus cases climbing. Meanwhile, on the ground, Obinna Victor Eze and his organisation 360degreeHEALTH NETwork are working tirelessly to ensure frontline healthcare providers are safe and supported.

The initiative ''Protecting Front-line Workers To Zero COVID-19'' provides healthcare workers with essential resources to tackle the pandemic. This is primarily achieved by the production and provision of Personal Protective Equipment. The initiative also aims to educate over 500,000 healthcare providers on emergency preparedness, after a survey of 6,000 Nigerian healthcare workers indicated concerns at the lack of equipment and training. The organisation will use the grant to fund the production and distribution of 3,000 protective face shields, 20,000 hand gloves, and 10,000 woven facemasks.

Victor Eze with members of 360degreeHEALTH NETwork Nigeria


Dr Benjamin Bocio Richardson, Dominican Republic

Dr Benjamin Bocio Richardson with FUMEBO

Benjamin founded FUMEBO, to provide healthcare and dental treatments to the poorest regions of the Dominican Republic. In response to the severe shortage of personal protective equipment in the Dominican Republic, Benjamin and his organisation FUMEBO arranged vital donations of face masks, face shields, protective googles, glove boxes, and disposable gowns to frontline healthcare workers.

FUMEBO has also has committed to supply and distribute ‘Vital Boxes’ of food and basic hygiene essentials amongst rural communities, allowing them to remain safely in their homes. FUMEBO will use the grant to supply and distribute over 1,000 Vital Boxes to over 1,000 low-income households. It will also distribute personal protective equipment to hospitals located in the southern Dominican Republic.



Farhad Wajdi - Ebtakar Inspiring Entrepreneurs of Afghanistan

Farhad founded Solar Powered Food Carts for Afghan Women in 2018 creating economic opportunities for marginalised women. In response to the enforced lockdown, Farhad led the transformation of these carts into Solar-Powered Disinfectant & Sanitation Carts, with support from the National Procurement Authority. The new incarnation of the business allowed the women to return to work during the crisis and provides free handwashing and disinfection services to impoverished people who are vulnerable to catching the virus.

The grant will enable 80 women to return to work, daily disinfectant for 40 locations in Kabul, and will provide handwashing facilities for 14,000 people per day. Discover more 

Farhad Wajdi - Ebtakar Inspiring Entrepreneurs of Afghanistan
Published on 22/06/2020