One Young World Summit 2014 Dublin will feature an exciting 'Delegate Networking Zone' which will include interactive spaces and exhibitions, space for engaging and networking, and will be where much time is spent outside of the sessions including many of the main meals.

We would like to offer Returning Ambassadors the opportunity to display their work in this space as part of our ongoing mission to demonstrate the cycle of impact in the One Young World community. We have allocated a zone which will be called "Ambassadors' Corner" and will feature pre-approved Ambassador initiative collateral and provide an area where Ambassadors can gather and delegates can see what some of you have been up to. One of the objectives of this space is also to ensure that new delegates to 2014 are exposed to the One Young World community and vision, and can leave the Summit with a better understanding of what it means to be a One Young World Ambassador.

Please confirm by Friday morning, 3 October, if you have and wish to bring professional marketing materials such as pull up banners or posters. Please send a photograph or example of what you will be displaying. Note that unless we know what you plan to display and how, we will not approve it.

If anyone wishes to be more creative or hire technical equipment we can provide the costs.

Best wishes,

One Young World