The Great American Divide

This blog is part of a series published on WEFLIVE from young leaders in the One Young World community who are addressing issues across the world relating to the World Economic Forum 2017 theme of 'Responsive and Responsible Leadership'.

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On 20 January, Donald Trump will be inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States. The global community is awaiting with great anticipation to see how his agenda will unfold. We asked One Young World Ambassadors across the US how the country can be reunited.

Raghu Appasani, Massachusetts

Small steps such as getting involved in local community movements and legislature are key to making sure we have a voice in how the country will transform over the course of our generation. We need to bring together voices from both aisles to ensure that the principles in which the US was founded on stay relevant and continue to apply to all those seeking acceptance in our communities.

Liz Rebecca Alarcon, Florida

The burden of bridging the post-election divisiveness is on the shoulders of Millennials. We are the most diverse generation in our country’s history and given our access to information and technology, we have the tools and the duty to foster open dialogue with those who have different perspectives from us. It is my hope that authentic conversations will lead to action over the next four years.

Torin Perez, New York

I believe we can build a more united America over time. We must learn to consistently engage in constructive dialogue with language that builds bridges instead of walls. We must also courageously challenge our fellow citizens to see beyond our own self-interests and to serve the best interest of our country.


Lourdes Rivery, Washington, D.C.

I do believe most Americans want what is best for this nation, though we may differ in our approach to getting there. It is ever more important to remain focused on the work and results in order to pave the best path forward. Outgoing President Obama himself once said, “If you keep it about the work, you can always find a way forward."


Meron Semedar, California

America is a country of immigrants and refugees; people may come from different corners of the globe, but there is more that unites us than divides us. Let's give the President-Elect some space to adjust.


Devin Nash, Massachusetts

The pursuit of a Reunited States will only be successful through the means of respectful and thoughtful dialogue; it must be our top priority globally to do everything within our power individually and collectively to act as bridge-builders.


Christopher Shacklady, Georgia

Unity will come through both an understanding and concession of the diverse viewpoints that instigated this outcome and the acceptance that America is not perfect. There are deeply rooted issues that we must unite to rectify. This is not an age where we can rely on others to solve such problems; this is the age where we have been given the tools to act together as one to resolve them.


Saba Nafees, Texas

The only way the US can become united is to set aside our divisions and ideologies and work to understand what really makes us American. It is our enduring spirit through times of hardship that has always shown us the way. I believe we still have and must continue to have hope. Young people must lead the way.


Jesus Zuniga, Texas

It is paramount to reunite and prevent the pendulum from swinging ever further to the fringes of political thought. Focusing on midterm elections to support the moderate voices in politics and making a concentrated effort to compromise on both a grassroots and elite level are necessary. Citizens ought to support education and address the dissent that spurred this division rather than dismiss it as ignorance.