How to make the most of the One Young World Summit

Five of our Coordinating Ambassadors share their top tips on how to make the most of the One Young World Summit. 


TIP 1. 

Introduce yourself to everyone. Much like the first week of university or summer camp, those at One Young World are eager and excited to meet you, but not everyone has the extroverted mindset which compels them to introduce themselves first. Be bold and say hello! You won’t regret it.

Devin Nash, Coordinating Ambassador, USA 1


TIP 2. 

Everybody knows how much rest and sleep each of us needs to be on the top of our game. For me, it meant a little bit more than that. Although I love getting to know people from all over the world and I am quite talkative, I saw myself in the need to step out for a couple of minutes, stretch a bit, and enjoy some silence from time to time. These brief breaks by myself helped me feel reenergized and ready to come back to the plenary sessions and speeches. So, go grab some coffee and take a few breaths before stepping back in. 

Maria Villela, Coordinating Ambassador, Central America

TIP 3. 

Be open to ideas and opinions of others in the room. Many of us share different backgrounds and beliefs - but we are all facing the same challenges. Find the value in the differences of opinion and try to understand the context of such opinion before judgement or condemnation.

Kevin Carter, Coordinating Ambassador, USA 2


TIP 4. 

Use the tools One Young World gives you to know who else is attending the Summit and arrange meetings in forehand. While in Bogotá there will be many moments to meet people, but there will be soooo many fellows that you will find it impossible to meet them all! Use the One Young World Summit app to have a look at the delegates profiles/Linkedin and make sure to contact them virtually to meet them physically too in Colombia.

Carlota Calvo Cotado, Coordinating Ambassador, Europe 2

TIP 5.  

Be active in the Facebook groups, use the new messaging function and see who is coming from your area or has similar ideas and passions. This can give you a base once you arrive and makes interacting with people much less daunting, especially is you're the only delegate from your organisation. 

Emma Powell, Coordinating Ambassador, UK 2