The Inspiration Behind The Change Mind, Change Future Organisation

Kenyan Ambassador, Calvin Jodisi on founding his organisation Change Mind, Change Future.

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After attending the One Young World Summit 2011 in Zurich, Switzerland I was inspired. I learned so much, especially about leadership and social entrepreneurship. Above all, it inspired me to give something back to my society. I met amazing young people from around the world who encouraged me to dream big and to think outside the box.

I came back home to Kenya, thought about what I could do to create the change I would like to see and how I could inspire others to dream bigger.

I started the Change Mind, Change Future organisation at the end of 2011, and we received our official certificate in April 2012 after being registered as a Non-Governmental Organisation by the board of Kenyan Registration, under the Kenyan registration act.

Change Mind, Change Future is a Non-governmental organisation that offers mentorship to primary and secondary schools in Kenya. The organisation focuses on positive thinking and social entrepreneurship. This is achieved through visits to schools and giving talks on various aspects of life, inspiring kids to work hard and to persistently pursue their dreams.


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The sole intention of this mentorship NGO is to tap the talents and nurture potential ideas which will later revolutionise the global business and every aspect of life around the world, both now and in future.

Through the support of Stephen Machua , the CEO of CMCF and a young commerce student passionate about change, we have 34 volunteers and One Brand Ambassador who is a Kenyan based musician.  Each volunteer loves CMCF and is happy to work to make our program better. We started CMCF together, and so far we are working with three schools in the mentorship program.

Our mentorship program has a unique model. We focus on how we can inspire students to be more accountable and make the changes they feel will affect their lives in a positive way. As an organisation, we are very happy to inspire many young people in our country and provide them with a new meaning of life. 

Kenya has more than 3000 schools distributed around the country. Change Mind, Change Future will focus on offering a mentorship program through encouraging the students to identify social entrepreneurship projects in their communities and working on them to provide a solution to the different needs in their societies. Social entrepreneurship is a great and effective key to empowerment.

Our vision is to be the best international organisation that encourages youths to focus on sustainable development as a solution to daily problems.

Get involved by visiting our website and you could be part of the amazing community of young people who are making positive changes in their lives and their communities.


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Below are some of the projects we have been working on recently.


Books for Future Project:

This is a project that aims to encourage students to create a reading culture for a better future. Our goal is to provide at least 100 books to each school, both text books and story books, which can then be shared by the students. We are also looking creating more than 20 small, local libraries per year.


Bright Education:

Bright Education is an initiative we started to help students from the disabled community and to provide them with mentorship and support in education through the work of our University volunteers. We are currently supporting one student, but our plan is to support five or more per year.


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We have been sponsoring 7-year-old Brigid Cherop. She lives with her mother and 4 siblings. Brigid’s mother has no job, and has to rent a house. Brigid likes singing and hopes to be a teacher in future. She is in the 1st grade. Change Mind, Change Future believes that Brigid has a great future ahead of her.




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