A Knowledge Network That Unites Young Leaders

Milena Milicevic from Serbia is a One Young World Coordinating Ambassador for Europe 3. Passionate about youth entrepreneurship and branding, Milena teaches at The School of Engineering Management in Belgrade and develops content strategy for MUNPlanet.

“A thousand-mile journey starts with a single step.” If we are afraid to take the first step in leadership and development then that’s exactly what we should do. Because although it can be a little scary, the first step means challenging the status quo, it moves us into taking the second step, into changing our habits, into pushing a bit harder, into expanding our horizons and starting to make a positive difference.  

For me the One Young World Summit in Johannesburg was game-changing in numerous ways. Leaving Europe for the first time I was excited about what I would learn and the inspiration I would take from the global community attending the Summit.  Not only did I meet my role models Geldof, Huffington, Branson, and many other superb Counsellors, I was also blown away by the Delegates, the talented and inspiring young people who represent a huge number of different countries and all have different backgrounds, experiences and opinions. The experience not only led me to be chosen as a One Young World Coordinating Ambassador for Europe 3, but also inspired me to become an integral part of a great start-up, MUNPlanet.

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MUNPlanet  is a knowledge network where members create, curate and share their knowledge and experiences about issues of global importance. It is for people who are passionate about the world, share the values of the United Nations and organise Model UN (MUN) conferences where participants simulate working in UN agencies.​

I have been at MUNPlanet for almost a year now and I would like to share some of its exciting opportunities with the One Young World community. Not unlike One Young World, MUNPlanet is about enabling bright minds from all four corners of the globe to collaborate and share their knowledge and experiences in order to create progressive change in society. ​

At MUNPlanet you can ask questions related to your professional and personal development as you interact with those who work in your preferred companies or UN agencies. One of our most important values is to always offer our users high-quality content that is written by some of the most talented young writers and thinkers around. This is why we have decided to expand our contributors’ network by encouraging young people around the globe to become MUNPlanet City Mavericks. ​

MUNPlanet City Mavericks love and know their cities inside out and want to write about and share their city’s heritage, atmosphere, nightlife and hidden gems with the international audience. This is where the One Young World community comes in: with so many inspiring Ambassadors in almost every major city I know many of you would be perfect City Mavericks. ​

If selected as a City Maverick you will get the chance to write and upload 10 articles to MUNPlanet between the 1st October 2014 and the 1st March 2015. Five pieces will be about the world city that you decide to bring closer to our users, whether it’s where you come from, study or live, the other five can be about your projects and your experience with United Nations topics and initiatives. This could be anything from Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), international security and world heritage to youth unemployment and women’s empowerment. The best part of all: you get the global exposure for your ideas and projects to our growing readership whilst being guided throughout the writing process. In addition, we will welcome you to the exclusive MUNPlanet conference in Europe in 2015 and help you organise MUNPlanet events or gatherings in your own city.

I hope many of you are as excited about the possibilities as I am. To apply, send us an email entitled MUNPlanet City Mavericks to [email protected] explaining in up to 500 words why you are the right candidate for the position of MUNPlanet City Maverick. Follow the link here to create your MUNPlanet account and to read more about the perks of the role and application process.