Look back at the top 10 OYW videos of the year

As 2017 wraps up, scroll through some of our best video moments of the year.

1. North Korean defector Yeonmi Park’s OYW 2014 Dublin speech goes viral.



2. Rwandan genocide survivor shares his story of forgiveness for those who slaughtered his father.


3. OYW takes over Times Square in New York City during the UN General Assembly.

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4. Watch how OYW Ambassadors have impacted 14.6 million people since 2010.


5. Cher sings exclusive song for #FreeTheWild at OYW 2017 Closing Ceremony.


6. OYW takes over the iconic Simon Bolivar plaza in Bogotá, Colombia for the 2017 Opening Ceremony.


7. Matt Damon and Gary White give a shout out to OYW and call on young leaders to tackle SDG 6.


8. Mama Bee opens up about her dark past, how she overcame abuse and loss and decided to give back.


9. Meghan Markle’s engagement news drew attention to her advocacy work with OYW.


10. “We’re one world, one race, one humanity.” Hear President Santos of Colombia’s advice to young leaders ahead of OYW 2017.